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That Thing You Do, 'You' Being Macaroni

Macaroni by Moha | Life at Workplace
My wife gives a new twist to nearly every type of food out there - yes, she can cook most things people find at snack stalls and famous eateries. However, it is her Macaroni that is perhaps the best example of personalizing the taste, giving some Indian tadka to it, blending it with her expertise and creating something that is outright exotic!

What makes it special? For starters, the sheer volume of thinly chopped veggies. I believe it is the lack of semi-fried vegetables that makes many food items fare averagely. My wife's version of Macaroni is overwhelmed with veggies, chopped to perfection, thin slices that crunch and texture-up the dish perfectly.

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Lately, my team members too have developed a liking for this, more Indianized, version of Macaroni. Many of them don't realize the liberal use of typically Indian spices that are freshly grounded by my Graciousness every morning to add that extra layer of flavor. One bite of this Macaroni and you will forget all the Mac and Cheese combos you ever tasted. The sauciness is balanced in the most beautifuly manner and there are nearly three texturse that inter-mingle to create the 'magic' I call Moha-roni :)


  1. Update for January 26, 2018 weekend - we are going to try Macaroni with an overdose of spring onions, the green tails included for more crunch, different texture. Will be dropping corn this time around. Another trick worth trying is using beetroot slices that bleed into the dish and give it this exotic pinkish hue - extremely adorable visual!

  2. Next time we do Macaroni, Me and Moha are planning to use the lemon juice we have been using to minimally pickle ginger slices. We are sure the leaking ginger juices would have reacted in a gastronomically-uplifting way, making the lemon concentrate tangier, more zesty - will share as soon as we sample our humble, new creation. Also, you can read about my pickling journey at


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