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Still Stuck on Shahid Being Too Lean in Padmavati? Relax, HE owned it!

Not sure if this can be an unbiased discussion. The reason lies in everyone thinking about body-types rather differently, especially when they are spread on a canvas as huge as Padmavati. Recently, a couple of guys shared their opinion about the movie, saying that while everyone in Padmavati looked rather aptly fitted into the role, Shahid had missed a trick by not bulking-up. I say NO to this observation. There is no historical documentation that the Rajput dynasty kings and princes were about six-packs abs and massive shoulders. Padmavati remains a movie, a celluloid version of a story that takes cues from history but weaves a plot based on creative direction, not sticking to every aspect of the heritage that forms its backgrounds. The characters are rightfully glorified.
While Deepika looked every bit the feisty princess warrior, Ranveer lived up to the expectations but still, some folks would say that the Khilji persona was overcooked, served with a little too much of facial expressions. Also heard about some scenes of the movie that bordered on threesomes being axed from the final version. I noticed a scene that hints at this but don't know how much of Khilji's sexual perversion was actually captured by Bhansali.

I stay staunchly by Shahid’s side. He looked very comfortable in the skin of his character, never blowing it over-the-top, not with his mannerisms or his diction. The dialogues were crispily worded, his expressions wore a sense of maturity and whether he seemed too thin, too lean or too non-strapped is very subjective. There are scenes in which he stands taller than Deepika and Ranveer, despite being less, vertically blessed. The many layers of Rajput dressing, very traditional, seeped in rich colours adds more meatiness to Shahid’s on-screen presence. Too lean for a warrior king? Remember, we are not talking about a period that rode on whey proteins and YouTube tutorials…

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  1. While most activists were raising hell over how Khilji seems to have been smitten by Padmavati did not bother to check the history books that call him highly homosexually inclined, including maintaining a troupe of young boys. Even in the movie, it is the promise of owning something others dont have access to that made Ranveer, the Khilji character, chase the Rajput princess


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