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Not Another Left-handed vs Right-handed Blog: Is there a good side to your body?

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Left Side Talking: As a result of IBS, I do have this unwanted tendency to get bloated every now and then, usually around the time when my dietary choices are out of control for more than a couple of days and when stress starts accumulating. During this phase, I have noticed that there are a few bodily positions that help me to exert the upper intestinal region better and vent-away the gassy build-up. This might sound repulsive and nauseous but believe me, when you are bloated and feel that heavy, anything is better than waiting for the antacids and anti-flatulence drugs to work. Seated somewhat comfortably on my left side with my elbow directly below my head, I have a much higher chance of expelling the gases and getting some quick, safe relief.
Obviously, I cannot do this at work or any place that has any semblance of decency. However, within the car or when outdoors, I can manage something close to this position where merely titling on my left side can offer immediate, desperately-needed relief.

Right Side Talking: Now, the other side to this story – it seems that staying tilted on the right side, on normal, non-gassy days, gives me better postural control, makes me keep myself aligned straighter, better positioned to be seated without any discomfort.  This is something I noticed recently when driving to the office too. Every time, I am slightly more bent on the right side, I tend to have a stronger feeling of being in control, behind the steering wheel. For some reason, the left-side disposition is not good from the driving perspective.

Taking Right vs Left Body Side Debate Further: I might take the time to test whether doing the right-left thing applies to my neck too that seldom remains all-straightly, often deviating to one side. My gut feeling says that the right side positioning is more likely to make me feel less stressed in terms of my forehead and eyes feeling heavy when spending hours in the front of the PC, worrying about client escalations and team productivity issues…will update about this.

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