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Reviewing I am All Girls on Netflix India

I am All Girls is perhaps one of the most underrated movies on Netflix India. There is every reason the channel and more so, its marketing team should have promoted this title a bit more. Even the online ratings seem a bit poorly done, underestimating the subject tackled in the movie and the manner in which the story has been told. I am All Girls may or may not be for family viewing depending upon how your ecosystem handles movies that are a bit graphic about subjects as sensitive as child abuse, child pornography, child trafficking, and the system that feeds off young girls taken off the streets, taking a toll on their families, and ruining lives without any logic to it. The only reason you could find a syndicate that needs a constant supply of young girls to be mercilessly abuse is that the human race is driven naturally and instinctively to behave in such a horrible way. I am All Girls is also a movie of revenge and redemption set in South Africa. The starcast is a bit new for audiences like me but overall, the performances delivered. I am All Girls does not try to preach anything. It merely tells the story of how child abuse is there in our society, in our homes, and how, the people affected by it, continue to be affected by it for their entire lives. There is nothing pink or typecast about this movie. The plot has very little mystery to it, actually almost none if you have been watching it carefully from the first shot, and tries to explore every step in the managed procedure that helps politicians and the rich feed off children. I am All Girls is a bit gritty for sure but more importantly, it does try to play the morality of seeking revenge - it makes you feel that yes, some people deserve to have their balls sliced off and shoved down their throats! It was also nice to see characters in the movie speak with a near-native South African accent - that seemed very real. Watch it once, try it once, you won't be let down...but again, not for people who are looking for happy-feel movies. Here, the subject is a bit serious and violent.

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