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Morgan Freeman Movie Moments that steered me to Discuss REAL Heroes

superhuman skills or people with real skillsLargely, there are two three type of superhero-themed plots that are grabbing attention these days. Firstly, the typically single-hero script where one man or woman must rise to face the challenges put upon planet Earth by an evil entity. This is perhaps the most conventional choice with spider-bitten and bat-inspired cast assuming a character that is larger-than-life, always ready to stand-up for the right things in life. Secondly, the multiple-hero & multiple-stories plot. The recent past seen a lot of activity in this niche with comic book franchises coming together to recreate a bigger scale magic on the big screen.

It seems that the entire world wants to see movies that bring together DC superheroes or those from the Marvel universe. These characters argue, group and even fight against each other and often unite too. Lastly, superhero spin-offs that blend some more realism into the characters, ensuring these superheroes seem more human and relatable with sublime humor [the Deadpool type]. However, there is another type of heroism that needs to be mentioned—this is the type that goes largely unnoticed because it comes without a cape, a bat-car, slick one-liners and supreme powers. This heroism is from the people that surround us, people who continue to inspire us with their grit or determination. How come I started rambling about this…?

Bruce Almighty is a really good movie in every sense. The direction is linear with the right amount of comical characters and the plot flows easily while Jim Carrey cuts through every scene with extremely precise expressions. What should I say about Morgan Freeman? This old guy seems to be getting better no matter how small or pompous the role is. Here, Morgan brings to you many phases of ensuring that the truth about our lives dawns upon Carrey. In one such instance, he talks about why & how people await for something magical to happen in their lives without realizing that they are surrounded by a little bit of magic that is created around them every day.

magic lies in making everyday life betterDuring one such Carrey-Freeman scene, GOD talks about taking a look around. He quotes this example of a mom working two jobs and still having the time to prepare her kid’s lunch with the warmth that only a mother can carry. Now that, according to Morgan-God is magic! If you introspect a bit more, this is not being theatrical or getting melodramatic. The fact is that we keep dreaming about or obsessing about moments of greatness.

These thoughts of grandeur keep surfacing and once the bubble settles down, we compare our everyday lives with the would-be scenarios. Invariably, this creates vibes of frustration and negativity. This is when the daily things that can make us happy, from a good meal to feeling happy about old plants sprouting a twig, go unnoticed. Superheroes manufactured and marketed well by Hollywood studios can wait. We need to recognize, acknowledge and feel thankful for the actual heroes in our lives who made a real difference no matter how crappy the office coffee is or why dating games seem vengeful on you…

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