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Reviewed: Don't Knock Twice [2] on Amazon Prime

I never saw the first part of this movie, but still, I would say that Don't Knock Twice [2] on Amazon Prime is good enough for a one-time watch. Don't get your hopes up. The content is not refreshing. The performances are just decent. What plagues this movie is the storytelling. It is not as gripping as you would expect. When the Rotten Tomatoes community gave it a one-star rating, I felt a bit for the makers but you have got to realize that the entire story has been told before, via different movies in the horror genre. You can find similarly themed movies with rituals, demonic forces, and witchcraft in the mix. Don't Knock Twice uses all these elements and tries to tell the story with a mother-daughter relationship also throw into the mix. What you get is somewhat interesting. 

Dont Knock Twice Part 2 movie review for Amazon Prime India

The story of knocking on a forbidden house to invoke a demon that attaches to you through some sort of medium is good. Even better is placing this house along a main highway or road, unlike the landscape of forests or wastelands. Putting up a house like this in an easily accessible landscape means, it is easily accessible to anyone despite its decrypt condition. Don't Knock Twice does suffer from some drawbacks. The background music does not do justice to the dark presence. The final 30 minutes that should be the highlight, leading up to getting rid of the evil forces, does not live up to the expectations. What impresses is the slight surprise at the end and a slightly spooky beginning. This dubbed Amazon Prime movie struggles in the middle, unable to hold your attention to the extent that you can skip stepping out of the room to get some drinking water. It falls short of the captivating effect. When said that the reasonably good casting in Don't Knock Twice 2 deserved better handling, they are not entirely wrong. I saw this movie on a lazy Sunday and I managed to take two small naps in between. And still, I don't think I missed something that would have really changed my Don't Knock Twice 2 movie review. Just try it without too many expectations. Having watched a lot of horror genres and similar content on OTT platforms during the pandemic, I can conclude that the makers of this movie could have tried harder to present the child-stealing part of the story in a more graphic, heart-rendering manner.

For Indian audiences, Don't Knock Twice 2 is available on Amazon Prime and not Netflix India.

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