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Belly Over Mind? Yes, this is a FOOD Website and does amazing stuff!

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I have a habit of scouting the web for interesting food stories [this link has some of NY's best from 2017]. Lately, I have been following baking a lot, ever since me and Moha started cooking together. However, we are at a nascent stage and nothing comes close to the type of classic baked recipes at this website. The ingredients are always so pure and there is no commercialization of the cause. If you have a genuine love for food, you will spend time in reading through the meticulous preparations. Not gone through their entire set of classic recipes but it seems the crusts are always red-baked, there is always some honey and butter & you might come across some easy hacks like using digestive biscuits to get the required texture without laboring much! This recipe is about a cream pie. I have always said that baked, contrasting combinations that use a bit of salt are always the best. You have salted caramel here and though I will never get to taste this heavenly creation, I can sense the awesomeness of it…

Updated on February 20, 2018

Some more interesting food-related, read-worthy updates that I wanted to share with you guys:

Image that encourages you to get braver when experimenting food

Around the time that Valentine’s Day blogs were getting viral, there was this cute little entry about Chyawanprash Pecan Butter Bites - for the uninitiated, this is rather strange, almost shocking for folks who know something about ancient Indian medicine stream called Ayurveda. Chyawanprash is essentially a mind and body tonic, an immunity booster that can be consumed by people of all ages. However, using it for something as good as pecan bites is beyond our imagination. The blog talks about how a crisp chocolate coating is used to blend the goodness of Chyawanprash with traditional European recipes. Not sure many people who have tasted Chyawanprash would turn-up to taste these goodies but the idea sounds very healthy-licious-ly doable.
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This is for folks who love the richness of peanut butter and want to have it with chocolate, in a form that is bake-able and comes with easy DIY factor. The most difficult bit seems when you have to make the dough and fill it. This is where some kitchen expertise matters. The baking though is without any extra load of greasing - something I appreciate. However, I would add some more bitterness to the mix, like more cocoa content dark chocolate and some walnuts too - the pungency of aged walnuts creates more lovable contrasts...again, I always advocate food ingredients that are more of the opposites-attract state rather than those that complement each other.
[You can catch the original discussion here...]


  1. I still haven't found a website that is related to food but does things in a more practical manner. for instance, an online space that talks only about recycling leftovers in the most tasteful and eco-friendly way without compromising on things like leftovers giving way to getting gassy or something else that troubles the guts...any site that shares such practical stories - from everyday cooking and lifestyle?

  2. I was just watching one of the food channels via my Videocon D2H subscription and came across this Sanjeev Kapoor show where the guy was blatantly cross-promoting nearly everything in the kitchen, from cookware to serving utensils and even tools like blenders. I realize cross-promotion is not bad but to such an extent? so overwhelmingly visible? Do celebrities really need to push their own or advertised brands to this extent?


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