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Ovenstory Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread Reviewed

Just a bit crispier and this would have been the clear winner! That is how close Ovenstory Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread comes to taking the honors when it is compared to contemporary favorites in this niche, like Dominos. The latter impresses with a more buttery taste and an outer crust that is done a lot better. Ovenstory Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread has less of garlic and instead, uses cheese to deliver more goeey goodness in each bite. However, it lags behind in the texture, inside and out. The outer surface is a bit undercooked. The lesser baked approach just might not work with folks like me who like to bite into the bread rather than gently chewing the bread. Ovenstory Garlic Bread also does away with the tendency to overpower the bread with the garlic flavor, making it a better choice for folks who cannot handle the garlic-heavy flavor.

However, the biggest difference is the insides. Ovenstory Cheese Garlic Bread does not hold back when stuffing the insides with real, not flowy cheese. There is sufficient dairy flavor in every bite. If you press the bread a bit harder, some of the cheese might actually squeeze out - you cannot expect this in Domino's Garlic Bread that seems to use more butter, and even when you order the cheese-stuffed variety, it uses cheese as if the stuff is borrowed from the World Bank on the highest interest rates modern-day nations have seen. But you can expect this from Domino's - putting all the cheese in the TV ads and not actually putting it in what is served to us has been the standard approach for almost 4 years now. In comparison, Ovenstory Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread generously layers it up with good-quality cheese that has an actual taste - again, unlike the neutral, bland cheese that Domino's seems to have sourced - I am thinking there must be an industry of seconds in cheese from which Domino's inventory management team regularly buys. One more piece of advice to the Ovenstory team - garlic bread is not supposed to be so soft inside. You have to find a way of making it stand up a bit more, and not being precariously close to getting spongy soft.

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