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Beakers to Coffee Mugs - mini planters all over...!

It is true that I do suffer from a bit of planter obsessiveness. For starters, I am obsessive by nature and with the work-from-home lifestyle in full gear now, the tendency to overdo, over-commit, overthink, and over-imagine is in full gear. So, the planter thing is in full swing right now. These days, the mind is more likely to convert ex-cups and former bowls into mini planters. These guys have lost their primary motive to carry on. They are no longer trusted with carrying our favorite beverage and are looked down upon, like folks who are about to be sentenced. Just like prison reforms bring about a second chance for many, I represent a new light for them, engaging them in new pursuits, giving some purpose to their now meaningless existence.

The result is everything from, bar beakers and teacups being recycled into mini planters. While I have managed to put a few drainage holes, some remain in their original form, without any reform done for drainage's sake. My favorite plant for these largely indoor planters is the snake plant, particularly in its dwarf form. I am now grooming a collection of such planters that are already in use, some that are up next for use, and others that are being prepped for their second innings. In this form, they will be able to hold up their head for a much longer time, at least until my almost 2-year old toddler does not get handy with them. I have taken the leverage of using a bit of aquarium sand and small, colored pebbles for a slightly artsy touch. Put together, they look creative, slightly cute, and remain highly useful. I am sharing just two images from this collection and promise to keep adding a few more as and when I fill them up with growth-hungry plants...

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