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Popcorn Bytes: Netlfix Katla Reviews

This is one of the many European Netflix series which have been well dubbed and presented to the demographic wherein folks like you and me lie - and yes, Katla does perform on most parameters but still, there is something missing. The first couple of episodes give you a glimpse into everything you need to know to understand the primary plot. Some type of volcanic eruption has taken place and due to some volcanic and related energies, something really strange starts to happen. For starters, folks who were considered dead and gone for good start returning. Please understand that these are not zombies. These are people in flesh and every bit the normal they were prior to being buried or dying. As Katla continues to erupt, a couple of unpredictable storylines open up. The most interesting here is perhaps the return of the younger version of a lady who now coexists with her 50-something persona, together. The plot thickens and it is obvious that this town is not going to be normal for some time. 

quick review Katla Netflix OTT series

Things that might make you want to catch Katla on Netflix:

- The pace at which the story unfolds. It is unhurried and still, not slow. You get the perfect momentum at which the story moves ahead, connecting the many connections between the past lives of people and how they are living in the present.

- If you don't have the patience to wait out a great mystery unfolding. The story here is not difficult to understand and the mysterious angles are not too deep. You get a basic understanding of what is unfolding and this happens without getting predictable. Just about sufficiently suspenseful to keep you hooked without forcing you into late-night marathons where your wife or family is shouting at you to turn it off and go to bed.

A couple of reasons that Katla on Netflix might not be the best OTT series for you to follow:

- The setting is really bleak. It is cold and wintery all around. There is an abundance of black and grey. In many episodes, you feel that colors have faded away entirely. There is not even a hint of sunlight, daytime cheer, flowing water, or anything remotely fresh and welcoming. This, combined with the slow pace, might put you to sleep. You wake up the next day and realize you slept through an entire episode despite having planned to see it in all seriousness. 

- It can irritate you that in a town so small, and with so few people, the return of people from their supposed graves and similar things is not making the town and its people press the panic button. For some strange reason, it seems this landscape has sufficient space for everyone to hold on to their grief and something as scary and dramatic as missing people and childhood versions of themselves stepping into the present tense does not induce widespread fear and panic. For me, this aspect seems to have skipped the director's attention in every possible manner!


The Thrillist says this stunning series will chill you to the core - I am not sure about it. To some extent, it is scary but there is a lot of grief at play and there is no haunting as such. There are just some bizarre forces at work in an Icelandic landscape here. says you can stream it because the plot is unusual and overall, it is worth the watch. I agree with their team. You should stream Katla at least once. Give it about 2 days to sink in and it just might work out. says the entire atmosphere and the smart build-up of characters makes this show a good choice to try. Yes, they sound correct. Calling it a slow-burn is absolutely right. This is not meant for those who lack patience. Katla takes time to leave an impression on you and before that, to get you hooked.

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