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DIY Throat Management: Washing Away Potential Threats with Betadine Gargling

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I have always had an inclination to developing a sore throat at the most odd moments, essentially every time there was a plan unrolling. Years of staring and murmuring, aimed at saying that I was a spoiler of a human being, notwithstanding, I developed many mechanisms to get rid of this problem. Most of these habits vanished since I am too lazy and others just did not seem to work at all. Lately, the tendency to develop a rash like sensation in the throat and the passage connecting the ear and the throat, has met a serious challenge in the form of betadine-formulated gargle solution. This is some seriously old-world medicine with that historically-correct color of purple and some shade of very dark blue. 

The taste is not that bad. You get this sweet tang and the gargling solution coats your mouth, obviously more of tongue. The aftertaste lingers slightly more than you would imagine. The coating quality is what seems to work for me. It acts like some type of barrier perhaps, ensuring that the very acidic or sour foods don't irritate the throat. My physician once told me that some folks, like myself, had this weird kind of allergic reaction where a certain type of mucous, post-nasal drip starts to fill the sinuses every time such food items are consumed. This is why he recommended gargling with some warm water or drinking a small cup of hot coffee to ensure this unwarranted activity is stopped.

Some more observations that might be useful for the unlucky few who share my allergic disposition:
  • Try to gargle every time you eat something freezing cold, tarty, vinegary or acidic
  • Betadine gargling can spot the teeth a bit – rinse your mouth after the gargle
  • Gargling before bedtime is a good practice – you can make this a morning-time affair too
  • Don't gargle too harshly – betadine does the work for you even if you put in the least effort
  • You can mix some water, warm water to the mix during winters 
  • Try not to eat or drink for at least 10 minutes after gargling, this maximizes the effect


  1. January 23 - 2018: for those confused about the gargling solution brand. Just ask for any Iodine Povidone mix to gargle and your pharmacy guy will know what you are referring to - it is very common and has been used for ages. Ensure you don't eat anything immediately and allow the compound to coat your throat.

  2. If I feel an irritation coming up and these gargling options are not available, I tend to look for any type of hot fluid beverage, from tea to coffee, something that can temporarily halt the aggressively spreading infection or an allergic reaction-in-the-making


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