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Often losing to sugar cravings? DIY Preparation & 4 Strategies that Actually Help

There is little defense you can muster when sweet tooth cravings hit you hard - this is a universal truth and you are no different. However, you need some manage-it strategy because unsympathetic sugar consumption is the reason to many type of lifestyle conditions, both acute and chronic. This discussion takes a step in this direction, i.e. sharing some tips of redeeming yourself with more self-control to fight away infectiously acute sugar cravings. My personal craving management tools include:

- Position Yourself, Give-in, Only to Fight Back

Keep something sweet handy in the drawer, dashboard or office bag. You never know when the sugar rush can get as important as air or water. You need your supplies. You have to understand that denial at the first stage is not the best move. You have to give-in but then cheat yourself out of it, away from it, towards a better, bigger vantage point.

- Munchier is Better, Give Yourself a Mouthful

I am not talking about deep-throats you sick freaks! This is about packing cookies or biscuits that are extremely high on fiber but also have some sugar. You want to surrender with a mouthful of such stuff that demands effort to be chewed, swallowed and pushed along food pipe. Digestive cookies with minimal sugar does this. It also provides some sugary relief that should be sufficient by the time your satiety centers of the brain are awakened and the cravings start losing their ground

- Bite First, Gulp Water Now

They say you should not drink water along with any type of meal - a snack or proper supper but here, you need to create sense of utter fullness. An easy way to do this is to take huge sips of water in between. Try not to rush towards a Cola or a huge shake. You want to take big sips that along with your sweet food quickly hits the nerve endings that start transmitting the overwhelmed signal. This really helps to beat the overeating bout.

- Distract Yourself

A really sick sweet craving is essentially a psychological issue. There is very little gastronomic about it. One way to kick yourself out of the ongoing crisis is distracting yourself by calling someone, rushing outdoors to take a drive or even shop. You don't want to be absolutely alone at this point - this is what this bout scavenges on. Don't feed it by locking-up yourself. Get out and try to shake it off. If you are even slightly physically fit, do a small jog or anything that makes you sweat and pant! You might want to try my hand-gripping method to control anxiety pangs that often stimulate snacking obsessions.

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  1. This is not to say that the loads of sugar in fizzy drinks does not matter - it does and you have to cut down the consumption. One way is diluting the fizzy with some plain soda to add more fizz and lesser sugary calories...does that make sense?


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