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Making Consummable Art in the Kitchen: Black Lentil Aesthetics

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When you open the link, it is a bit confusing – is the publishing team talking about composting or making this somewhat exotic preparation? Read a bit further and you realize the conversation is about both. Strangely, green living tips have been combined with cooking in a very organic way. Now that I understand the subject a lot more, seems like the idea is not that bad. Why? Reducing your carbon footprints is a lot more than merely using an electric car. While composting helps to recycle everything that was once green, this lentil and cauliflower combination has a similar appeal – keep it simple, maintain the original flavors. The images are beautiful. The narrative very simple and ideal to be read on your smartphone too. Just understand this – all lentils are not light on the stomach. Some folks, particularly Asians, tend to cook them a lot more. You might want to soften the black lentils to the extent that you digest them without getting gassy. Cauliflower has been artistically served, and the color contrasts on the plate are awesome!

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