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Online Shopping Review for Mr. Bowerbird Apparels on Myntra

This review comes after three purchases and some really close inspection - there is a brand on Myntra, called Mr. Bowerbird, and I am pretty sure that the softness and overall quality of the fabric it offers, is right up there with some of the luxury brands, and close competitors like H&M. I had been tracking their inventory options for some time. The prices were usually a bit inflated - at least, that is what I felt about the sticker tags. But in the last 10 days or so, the prices have been really cut down. It must be one of those discount schemes that I seldom understand but yes, it gave me the opportunity to order a bit from this niche brand.

The two, round neck t-shirts were brilliantly done, ensuring the seams were almost invisible, the fabric ultra-soft and the slightly, relaxed fitting done to perfection. That is what this brand does - Mr. Bowerbird does not try to impress you with iconoclastic designs or colors combinations that would challenge a rainbow. Mr. Bowerbird does the basics right, to the extent of perfecting them. It sets new standards for everyday apparel with the loveliest fabrics. Expect a very subtle sheen on the apparel despite using top-quality cotton. This is sure to protect against the visual wear & tear that repeated washing or use of hard water brings about. Apart from the tees, I have bought two woolen polos. Now, this in itself is a bit unconventional. These are essentially cotton and not woolen t-shirts, done in a simple form for the changing season. So, you get warm, half-sleeves tees that can be worn as it is or combined with some outerwear to protect against the extreme winters. My usual colors are rust, dark orange, and all hues of maroon and Mr. Bowerbird provides plenty of options for me. I would recommend this fashion apparel brand to every guy out there who demands everyday apparel options in the best fabrics without the luxury pricing. Want more? And this is perhaps the most lovable aspect of shopping for a Mr. Bowerbird product - they pack the merchandise in small, paper bags that come with tie chords, and each unit has its own notepad! Yes, a simple, plain paper notepad that is great for noting down things. Again, there is nothing magical to talk about a notepad but then, Mr. Bowerbird does this in a similar manner - a good quality product delivered with utter simplicity.

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