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This is not about being vintage, just that More Metal equals More Trust…

vintage retro classic cars with shiny metallic parts
One of our overseas migrant friends has been restoring a classic set of four wheels and sharing the images. As expected, there is a lot of automobile wisdom pouring-out in response to the data published on social channels. The love for classics and vintage seems to have no boundaries. But when I say this, I must confess that despite my love for cars that were bigger, heavier, and made with the heart, I am not that big on everything that is retro themed. My love for the bygone era of automobiles stems from the large-scale use of metal and that is it! There is nothing more though I like the rich leathers and plenty of glass-work and curvaceous lines.
For me, the metallicness of the vehicle denotes its premiumness, the richness, durability, and the promise of being your true friend. There is something very pure and un-fathomed about these heavy metals. They seem to shine no matter how much abuse you heap on them. They seem to outlive the most negligent handling.

love for old retro cars with strong metallic bits
A bit too proud and always showing-off their shimmery surfaces, these car metals don’t know anything about being subtle. It is about exposing yourself, being bare-naked and believing that what you have to display is worthy of being adored by everyone. The same reason makes me hate the Japanese and Korean models that are high on plastics. Sturdy and sleek as they might be, none of these cars can have an iota of the grandeur that the classics have. There is no substitute to metallic surfaces that shine like mirror, are immovable like a house built with brick, and feel resolute like Caesar. Metal, invariably cold and hot, according to the temperature outside, not mimicking anything like artificial textures in technically superior automobiles. Inside such big, heavy cars, you feel assured, convinced you are riding something with an armor of its own that won't fall away like cheap plastic. Give me an ageing Ford on any day as compared to a Suzuki but then don't expect me to reach the workplace on time every day...

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