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Confession Time – Updated on February 13th, 2018

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While driving to the office today, I heard this discussion on one of the FM channels – apparently, there is a video clip of a girl being misbehaved with that is grabbing attention across Delhi. I have not seen the clip and don't want to – honestly, is there anything shocking about it? From what I have seen, people in the city are not ready to take up the cause of watching out for each other. The confession is about me too not intervening when the moment called for it. This was somewhere in 2005 – 06. I had just boarded the public transport bus and a seemingly drunk guy was arguing with a lady. There were about 14 – 15 more passengers aboard but none of us intervened when things got more graphic, the altercation escalated into something I hadn’t expected at all. I confess to being a coward at that moment, not standing up for a lady who was obviously the victim there. The conductor at that time takes the cake for re-assuring that people in the city just don't bother to help anyone, his words being “…jab dikh gaya thaa kee yeh aadmee ney pee rakhee hai toh alag baith jaatee”.


  1. I have to confess for February 19, 2018: there are days when I feel so bright that the entire world seems like a wasteland of dumbasses. However, I also realize that this notion is going to hold firm for long as within a couple of hours of sinking into this feeling of grandiose I tend to goof-up and the galtee-sey-mistake is usually of epic proportions!!

  2. I have to confess for February 18, 2018: there are days when sex can be mechanical, it is very soulful on some occasions and when I cannot relate to the moment, it is very hard to ensure that the little solider is up and running. Some of my friends say they can do it any time but for me, it has to being in the moment, feeling the lust, the anxiety, the love, the craving for it...if this means low frequency, let it be, at least I am doing it more organically!!

  3. I have to confess for February 17, 2018: not having a weekly off really, really hurts. Am in a situation where I am kind of relaying the bricks of my life and not having a Saturday to cool it, take stock of the situation, put in preparation plans for the next week, kills the energy to really explore anything on Sunday. I just wish employers could think of this as more of human fundamentals rather than resource management - we are people first, workable, ROI-intensive resources late!!


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