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Kingdom - reigns over most Zombie genre content on Netlfix [and OTTs all around]

This might be blogging about something which already out there but I still could not help myself. This is primarily because Kingdom has been able to do what most other Zombie genre content, in the form of movies, OTT streams, or TV series, has not been able to do in almost a decade - this series blends unexpected characterization of the protagonists, challenges this entire genre with a solid storyline, and does not depend solely on the gore and horror of flesh-eating extras to engage your attention.


Kingdom on Netflix rides on what is perhaps its strongest appeal, i.e. a plot where the presence of Zombies seems like the perfect sprinkling on something that is already rather delicious if you happen to consume a lot of Netflix content.  For work-from-home professionals like me who have been waiting for something that can be watched in the regular mode with the audio controls turned on, and in the near-mute mode when the baby is asleep in your bed, Kingdom has proven to be the best pick. If you have been a hater for Zombie-focused visual content in general, despite the awesomeness of Will Smith in I am Legend, you really need to give Kingdom one real chance. You have to watch at least three episodes, without a break, to provide the series a genuine chance to keep you hooked.

Why should you watch Kingdom?

  • It keeps up the interest levels even if you have not been loving the typical Zombie content
  • It does not pile on seasons after seasons on you - there have been just two until today
  • The performances are not full-blown, ensuring a bit of subtlety for more realism
  • The flesh-eating graphical content is not at the core of this Netflix series, it falls secondary to an interesting story that has an insatiable hunger for power, betrayal, and pure hatred
  • It tells you exactly why South Korean and Korean content, in general, is being loved by TV audiences these days
  • Netflix brings it to you without any waiting, straight up before the episodes get lost in the murky underworld of online leaks and pirated efforts
  • It does not take long to get somewhat addicted - I have recommended watching 3 episodes without a break above and I vouch for it
  • For all those still asking whether Kingdom on Netflix is worth watching to the extent of getting their account renewed, the answer is Yes
  • Folks still wondering if Kingdom is very violent, please understand I am not the best person to answer this as I saw the Human Centipede without taking a break or questioning the creation of content that is largely being called disturbing 
  • If you are in the somewhat limited fraternity of Korean actor-loving folks in India, this series is being talked about to bring back some of the industry's best performers. Whom all? I don't know their names, but you can catch this bit here: Link to Explore

QUICK BYTES said that this show could be a good replacement for those who are still missing Game of Thrones - I totally agree. This is binge-worthy OTT content. takes a more educated view when reviewing Netlfix's Kingdom saying this OTT show borders on mimicking the horror that is going on in our lives these days, drawing a parallel, with the Coronavirus taking over our lives. More importantly, their review concludes that more serious than the Zombie virus or the pandemic is the plague of greed and jealousy among humans and yes, Kingdom uses these feelings to make it stand apart as not just another Zombie-themed series. recommends you to give Kingdom a chance as the storytelling breaks the stereotypical things associated with the Zombie genre and I couldn't agree more - Kingdom does everything you expect from a Zombie-heavy series and still manages to come out slightly different...a lot more interesting. 

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