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Catching-up with Malgudi…a place that existed on TV, where my childhood still stays

We have been Amazon Prime members for some time but the emphasis has always been on catching-up with the most trending short series and highly debates characters. Last night, we revisited Malgudi Days. We watched around three episodes and I realized what had changed all this while, while I was away from such moments—the Simplicity of Life. This was during the last part of the 80s and I was nowhere close to having found myself. Well, am still struggling on that part but this was a phase when food of any type was exciting, finding mom at home was a blessed day, getting pop to buy us ice-cream was God-sent wishes come true, and in essence, Life was simple. What went wrong between the Malgudi Days era and the rise of Thanos? I got detached. I lost the bond with the simplest pleasures in Life. I allowed opinions and must-do perceptions to take over. The things I assumed were meant to be there became dearer and my thought process got more branded. The Malgudi days [of my life], were about loving sleeping on the cold concrete floor at my naani’s home, they were about romancing the samosa, and allowing nothing to build-up in the mind. Now, there are days when I feel my heart will explode simply because there are so many beautiful things undone, unvisited, un-attempted, and perhaps unattainable. The tragedy is that even as I watching this, we exchanged notes on which brand of mustard sauce was better with dip-snacks, planning another visit to the sacred mall. Now, Swami/my Malgudi self would have never planned so much…

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