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Why is winter dressing about Greys, followed by fanaticism for Black and Deep Blues?

Wearning Red, Black, Blue | Funny Cat
It is very wintery in Delhi and all around me, including my office, people finding their way on the road, and folks behind the steering wheel are dressed-up, creating layers to insulate them against the chill. However, my floating observation took me to a realization – there is an overkill of Grey colored clothing, even the accessories are overcooked in shades of blue and black. From what I can fathom, Winters can be somewhat depressing. Some folks suffer from winter-induced clinical depression too but overall, the season is about Christmas, New Year and plans & resolutions. The monotony of these shades is a big contrast to the feel-good vibes which comes with loving every sip of coffee, that feeling of warmth that coats your throat every time you pounce on dark chocolate. My winter wardrobe is as colorful it can get without getting weird.

Trying to Break the Monotony of Winter Wardrobe

Expect lots of reds, whites, hues of green, and rust orange along with the conventional overcoat or jacket in shades of earthy brown and yes, some black accessories too. This color-related zealousness comes because of a personal reason too – the undying love for winters. I want them to be longer, more acute, to the extent that you need to swallow chocolates and all the crunchy, muffin-ly stuff just as a means to survive the cold. As I write this and look around, my team and the closest seated colleagues too have an overdose of black – seems like I again overthought a simple thing!

Updated on January 30, 2018

We are on the verge of February 2018 and still, it is reasonably cold. This obviously means the big, season-ending sales would start a bit late but I am not complaining. This is the time to dress-up and feast, and I mean literally eat anything you want to with lesser guilt, being fully aware that the soul-sipping summers will suck-out the calories out of you. I did a rough count and turns out, I have a rather impressive collection of checkered shirts, none of them in shades of grey or white. These shirts are a big relief when I want to dress-up during the onset of winters. A tad bit warmer than typical cotton shirts, these mid-season shirts are easy to accessorize too. I have them in shades of Bright Blue, Dull Orange, Red & Blue checks, Maroon & Black combinations, and one more that seems missing. I recall that it was around 9 years back that I overhauled my wardrobe, ending my obsession with blacks and grey. My family had been after me to try brighter, happier colors.

Add another fact to the discussion

I have very serious, jaded facial expressions - and you will understand why I need somewhat peppier colors to ensure I don't look deadbeat! The next round of wardrobe update will be about denims. I need to get some of them altered, some dry-cleaned and perhaps add a sleek black to the dwindling collection that has some gypsy-type, thrifty denims and a couple of premium brand picks.

By the end of 2018, I should have the more ideal mix of happy colored apparels and essentials in sober, more neutral shades. My online shopping too has become a lot more decisive, methodically eliminating knee-jerk purchases that have contributed heavily to the over-stuffed cupboards.

February 20, 2018 - the last red-genre addition to the wardrobe is a dull, brick red sweatshirt in one size more than what fits me. Always wanted one and with the Season-end discount on - I used my points score. Also the first time am wearing something with an attached hood, and surprisingly, it does not look that bad! 

March 20, 2018 - it is officially the summer season here and the wardrobe check happened early this week. Seems like I have a weakness for Green this season. Just got off Jabong and Myntra, both of my preferred online shopping websites. Indigo Nation and Moda Rapida have some really decent options here. Will be buying one for sure!

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  1. I have to confess that buying this carrot-reddish jacket did not seem like a safe choice when I got it nearly 4 years back but since then, this USPA jacket has been almost like my armor during the cold, wintery season - I tend to wear it with amazing regularity and strangely, I never feel bored of it.


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