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Cold, supposedly sleek cans versus vintage-like glass bottles

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This had to be by-chance for sure...I have always had a strong opinion for soda cans being pretentious, trying hard to look cool. However, friends and colleagues have always had their opinion, saying that soda cans represent more hygiene and highlight that how increasingly, people want everything to be better packed, made more presentable. During a recent visit to a local market, I came across a bulk dealer's store that retails simple glass bottles. The dairy bottles that were once used to retail milk. These are making a comeback of sorts. As compared to the cans, I find them easier to grip, literally more transparent and the rounded-ness brings about some retro feeling.
The lids are getting easier to use, easy to click into place and lock the bottle for good. I have bought about half a dozen and though there is no plan to make a collection out of these, there are some thoughts about using them as indoor planters, albeit after painting them in bright metallic paints. Cans, in comparison, seem highly disposable. They might look more urbane but there is nothing elite about them. Beer cans might make smuggling-in the summer beverage easier across properties or places that frown at alcohol but the cold, but highly durable, body of a soda can has nothing if compared to the aesthetics of my classic dairy milk bottle.

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