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Still don’t know what that Zoned-out feeling is like but Daytime Zombie-ness? Been there…

state of alternate existence smoking weed doing pot
I was watching re-runs of That 70s Show and I realized that unlike the hippie-loving, herbally-explorative folks on the sitcom, I really cannot say that I know the feeling when you are doped to the extent that it seems like metaphysics and the afterlife have mated to create a realm of the unknown. I have had days of Valium excesses, many years back, and some instances of drinking silly but largely, I have always been in control. Laughing or smirking a lot more than usual, driving a bit crazy, having that dreamy-eyed look – these are things that come close for me. When people talk about being high or having progressed into an alternate universe after doing joints, I am a true alien to the real feeling they are talking about.

I have never lost absolute consciousness of my behavior and my surroundings, and came close to puking once but corrected myself, walked around and managed to keep what is best suited for the intestinal tract. They say that the medical marijuana debate too is slightly misunderstood since many people don’t know anything about how a few moments of  a controlled level of loss of sensitivity or pain can be actually therapeutic and I somewhat agree—there is nothing wrong in shedding all the inhibitions as long as you are not hurting someone. But that is a different affair and I must come back to the fact that I really need to do something about this one life experience that is missing from my list. I know of this one guy who has credible skills in weed wizardry and I might want to seek his help…

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