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Men: Ever Read About Tampons?

This really isn't much of a discussion. It is a spontaneous thought/thing that I thought just might prove helpful to my species, i.e. the lesser-informed men. My default browser is set to Firefox and every time I open it, the organic feed provides me some interesting articles. These are content pieces without the usual spicy, Instagram-trending refuse that is fed to our smartphones every day. These are slightly better, more likely to be researched type of content pieces that pour in via the Pocket application that Firefox offers. Today, the same thing happened, and among the first set of recommendations was this article: The quest for a better tampon comes as women’s sports surge and it just got me thinking - do most men even know what the difference is between sanitary pads/sanitary napkins and a Tampon? Do guys have a basic understanding of how these menstrual products actually work and at the same time, function differently? 

This is a summary if you are curious about what the editorial above is about: [remember this is the article that got me thinking and is not about the Tampon vs Sanitary Pad idea that it induced]

The Myth of Couples Growing to Resemble Each Other

Unveiling the Truth Behind Aging and Visual Similarity in Aging Couples...

happy aging couples are a life goal
The notion that couples begin to resemble each other as they age is a widely held belief, often spoken of in both jest and earnestness. This phenomenon, known colloquially as "couple convergence" or the "mirror image theory," suggests that over the years, the physical features of romantic partners gradually align. This article explores the science behind this intriguing idea, seeking to unravel the truth behind whether couples actually start looking like each other as they age. However, before we dwell on this topic, I just wanted to touch upon the fact that there is a bit of sadness and some inherent clauses that come with this topic. I see my parents age every week, and at no point, do they bear the same expressions or any level of physical similarity. The reason? My mom has been put down with Parkinson's for nearly a decade and the progressively degenerative nature of the condition continues to destroy her persona bit-by-bit. And this is what I am trying to highlight as I continue to come across so many scenarios where one partner is essentially the caretaker to his/her bedridden spouse and once the steroids, the medications, and years of chronic care start taking a cumulative effect. the entire notion of aging together takes a backseat.

Which is the best workout when you are feeling sad?

Midjourney AI Image man stressed tensed
Feeling down or stressed? You might have Googled for a quick fix and the search results may have indicated exercising since physical activity is supposed to juice up the good hormone secretions. However, everybody is not up for it and more importantly, it is hard to get into the workout mindset when you are already feeling the blues. While lifestyle experts say that you don't have to feel helpless about it - exercise is a great way to help boost your mental health, we'll discuss the best workouts when you're feeling low and share some ideas about what type of physical activity can have positive effects on your mental health. Yes, there is no doubt that when done correctly, exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Messing with Kettlebells!

 Kettlebells full body workout close up shot

Close up image lady exercising with Kettlebell\

Close up cinematic shot of Kettlebell grip

Why are some people inherently irritating?

Irritated Lady Feeling Anxious Facial Expression
We've all encountered them – those people who just seem to rub us the wrong way for no apparent reason. Some people just happen to make us mad all the time for no apparent reason. Their mannerisms, way of speaking, or their very presence causes an unconscious feeling of annoyance or irritation to bubble up inside us. But why is this? What makes some individuals come across as inherently irritating to others? The answer obviously is not simple or straight. It most probably lies in a complex interplay of human behavior, personality types, and even mental health factors.

A little bit of criticism ain't that bad - just get better at processing it!

Let us have a bit of a chat about dealing with criticism.

Criticism is an Inevitable Part of Our Life

It's one of those things that can really sting, ain't it? When your flatmate moans about the rubbish or your boss pulls you up on a missed email, it's easy to start wondering if they secretly can't stand you. Those little comments can trigger all sorts of negative thoughts about ourselves that have been buried away.

Maybe you fixated on that one critical bit in your performance review because deep down, you doubted you were really cut out for the job. Or perhaps, having the right critical parent growing up means any suggestion about your cleaning habits feels like a massive blow to your self-worth.

The truth is that we cannot always get top marks, no matter how hard we try to be perfect little angels. So, it si crucial that we learn how to handle criticism without letting it chip away at our confidence. Next time you're feeling like a proper muppet or a total failure - trust me, you're not - give these expert tips a go:

Reviewing CBD Gummies [India] For First Time Users | Cannabidiols Can Be Good

    Cannabidiol Gummy
  • Product: Zero CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies, Grand Daddy Purple, (4 pcs)
  • The option: CBD content 30 mg
  • Just one pack
  • Retailed price: INR 800 plus 50 for shipping anywhere
  • Platform for purchase:
  • Brand: Zero CBD
  • CBD type: broad spectrum, gummy infused with CBD 

I hope this unpaid, organic review helps those who are on the edge of making a decision but are still contemplating CBD gummies, still waiting for an authentic review that is totally unbiased and does not hold back from sharing the truth.

If you are not clear about the concept of ‘maal’ versus Cannabinoids where the latter is associated with a lot of health benefits, you need to read up on the information that is easily available online. At the end of this CBD review, I have also shared some links that help to understand the utility of this herbal product and highlight it as a safe option - safe enough to be tried by the time-starved, always-rushed professional who is trying to maintain the work-life balance in the face of deadlines, a young family, and ailing parents.

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