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Reviewing CBD Gummies [India] For First Time Users | Cannabidiols Can Be Good

  • Product: Zero CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies, Grand Daddy Purple, (4 pcs)
  • The option: CBD content 30 mg
  • Just one pack
  • Retailed price: INR 800 plus 50 for shipping anywhere
  • Platform for purchase:
  • Brand: Zero CBD
  • CBD type: broad spectrum, gummy infused with CBD 

Cannabidiol Gummy

I hope this unpaid, organic review helps those who are on the edge of making a decision but are still contemplating CBD gummies, still waiting for an authentic review that is totally unbiased and does not hold back from sharing the truth.

If you are not clear about the concept of ‘maal’ versus Cannabinoids where the latter is associated with a lot of health benefits, you need to read up on the information that is easily available online. At the end of this CBD review, I have also shared some links that help to understand the utility of this herbal product and highlight it as a safe option - safe enough to be tried by the time-starved, always-rushed professional who is trying to maintain the work-life balance in the face of deadlines, a young family, and ailing parents.

Using Cannabidiols is not about recreational marijuana or hemp use. You are not grooming a new addiction even if you happen to use CBD edibles more than occasionally. Just like some people cannot kickstart the day without gulping their brew - tea or coffee - and some people find their bowel movements more proactive after the early morning smoke, consuming CBD goodies just, just-about-just, might create some degree of dependence but there is nothing serious or criminal about it. I see people loading up on anti-allergens and painkillers at the slightest hint of an oncoming flu or viral infection. In comparison, CBD consumables are more natural, present nearly negligible long-term usage disadvantages, and deliver a wider range of health benefits – benefits that you might be struggling to extract from your daily yoga session or workout sessions with a barbell or kettlebell.

Now, moving to the actual review.

Yes, I am also trying CBD products for the first time.

The process is still underway. 

The User because a product might behave differently across individuals

I am a non-smoker and a less-than-social drinker. However, I have taken prescription antidepressants before. Overall, in terms of profiling me as a user, the summary reads as someone:

  • Who understand the difference between excitement and a high
  • Without any existing addiction, not even caffeine 
  • Some love for the sweet stuff, especially when feeling low
  • Slightly prone to bouts of low blood pressure – anything with a sleeping pill-like effect is not welcomed as the idea is not to feel like a zombie at work or home
  • Who has suffered from anxiety for more than a decade and continues to fight GAD at many levels
  • Who understands the dangers of trying something that might be even borderline addictive
  • Who has a preference for natural products or at least those formulated in a way that added sugars, synthetics, and chemicals are used minimally
  • Who does not want something that could irritate the stomach due to many years spent fighting IBS 

Quick Review Truth or Dare [Blumhouse Extended Director's Cut] Netflix India

This is perhaps not the right time to review Truth or Dare since the movie's ending, which might have appeared phenomenally smart at the time when it was released, now looked cliched and way too predictable for a movie that really tries to surprise you but still falls much short of the expectations. The problem is not with the movie's plot which is somewhere between being the most likely possibility and I-knew-it, but the story's handling.

Reviewed: Don't Knock Twice [2] on Amazon Prime

I never saw the first part of this movie, but still, I would say that Don't Knock Twice [2] on Amazon Prime is good enough for a one-time watch. Don't get your hopes up. The content is not refreshing. The performances are just decent. What plagues this movie is the storytelling. It is not as gripping as you would expect. When the Rotten Tomatoes community gave it a one-star rating, I felt a bit for the makers but you have got to realize that the entire story has been told before, via different movies in the horror genre. You can find similarly themed movies with rituals, demonic forces, and witchcraft in the mix. Don't Knock Twice uses all these elements and tries to tell the story with a mother-daughter relationship also thrown into the mix. What you get is somewhat interesting. 

Dont Knock Twice Part 2 movie review for Amazon Prime India

Keeping Up With What is Trending: MINIMONY

Mini wedding | Micro wedding | Cere mini
In 2022, Sarah Gill, writing for Image, presented an interesting editorial piece regarding the rise of microweddings. For many, it seemed like an outcome of how wedding plans and celebrations all over had contracted with Covid taking a toll on people's enthusiasm and spending bandwidth and not just the industrial and IT workspace. Come to 2023, and it seems like that microweddings are still emerging as a trend but differently for differently abled/scaled people. For celebrities, a minimony might be a way to escape the limelight that comes with hosting a typical, celebrity-standard wedding whereas for young couples saving for their immediate future and hoping to land a memorable honeymoon across the oceans, in an idyllic island setting, a micro-scale wedding makes more sense from a financial perspective - save money on the wedding cake and spend it where it seems to matter more!

Recalling First Few Days of Returning to Work [April 2022]

Returning to work has been a somewhat unexpected journey for the last 3 months, and it continues to be a bit disruptive, and a bit of relief at the same time. The first week in the more-than-familiar office cabin was slightly suffocating. The COVID wave hadn't subsided when we were called back, and there was every reason to feel apprehensive. With just the senior managers and the upper hierarchy called in, the team, people who contribute to the dense headcount at our office was nowhere to be seen.

Returning to Work Post Covid

Just to share some insight about my personal struggles to keep wearing the mask, I have been claustrophobic since I was around 17, and I have been on & off anxiety medications for more than a decade. Being grounded at home due to the pandemic, having just become a father to a baby girl, also took a toll in some way though, at many levels, I am also thankful for giving me the opportunity to be there when the little monkey was gifted to us.

Anxiety | Mental Health | Lionel Messi - It Happens to the Best!

This discussion about mental health, anxiety, and how being anxious chronically can happen to the best, people as good and great as Lionel Messi, is inspired by this article by Adam Alter, on 

For many people, when celebrities talk about mental health issues, it becomes a bit easier to comprehend the problem and understand that it can happen to anybody irrespective of the amount of inherent talent or the fandom that comes with being the best in anything, ranging from movies to soccer. The latter has its smart, Messi, whose psychological challenges of holding up his performance in the middle of a growing, global fan following. The problems with Messi' preparedness for the big stage have been doing the rounds for some time. Reports suggest that he usually vomits and according to some sources, his vomiting is a bit of a chronic thing that tends to happen en route to a big match. It was in 2014 that reports emerged about Messi showing symptoms of vomiting and perhaps, the condition being associated with trouble in handling anxiety.

For those who have IBS in the times of Corona Pandemic

If you have a history of IBS, it is most likely that no one and I mean not even the most qualified physician out there, would have been able to fully understand your set of symptoms -  that is the problem with IBS, it is highly symptomatic and very unpredictable. That is how complicated IBS can be but strangely, despite all the medicinal and guidance-based support, nobody really understands what the sufferer is put through. At this time, when the Corona scare is at its worst, you need to double-up your layers of protection to ensure a flare-up is prevented. For starters, the Corona global pandemic is about a lot of cynical views around you - don't let this get you into that space where you start believing that the world is coming to an end. It looks like it but in reality, we will bounce back - everyday folks like you and me and the governments that are responsible for protecting us. Don't read too much into how much worse it can get. The idea is to control your anxiety levels on a daily basis since right now when the more normal Joe seems to be slightly frantic.

Mental Health Battles, Confessions

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