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Have You Used Self-created Pinch Points to Handle Anxiety?

GERD, Harming Yourself | Anxiety Help
This discussion will not make sense to everyone, simply because only someone from GERD, like me, can understand how debilitating Anxiety can can literally derail your life and single-handedly decide your overall health status. Over the years of dealing with Anxiety, I have come across many Anxiety-management tools, some free resources and others, obesely priced for no apparent reason. While meditation does work it is not meant for me. Why? My mind tends to wander and ruminate a bit too much. I came across one lifestyle article nearly 3 years back and put the tip to practice - using a pinch point every time you felt that a sudden bout of Anxiety was coming. Yes, you can feel it like a wave of coldness, a wiry thing that feels against your skin, traveling from your upper shoulder area to your head. The trick is simple. Grab hold of something that can pinch you for good. Something like a key does the trick for me.

Other things I have used include a pen's nib/tip. Now, you need to poke yourself. This might sound weird but this is what happens – as soon as you prick yourself, your mind is driven towards a bit of pain you have created. This is an easy way to cut through any thought you might be obsessing with, helping you put a speed-breaker in the way of Anxiety that usually surfaces with great momentum. I call this the pinch-and-protect mechanism and I have used it extensively – ranging from client communication interactions to managerial meetings.

It usually works immediately and that is indeed the big advantage. You might be thinking about swallowing a Valium or Prozac but they take time to take effect – the pinching game is easy, does not need any tools and can be done wherever and whenever you need to fight the Anxiety Demon!


  1. I have been through a fair share of Prozac and Valium and either of these are not the medicine for long-term anxiety. Why? Simply because these are essentially prescription drugs that are meant to taper down the acuteness of the symptoms, and are not aimed at curing the condition. While Valium can be very sedating, Prozac is more of a mood uplifting agent. You shouldn’t combine these two and Prozac, later in the day, can be a sleep antagonist.

  2. Updated on February 15, 2018 - just heard on FM radio that it helps to clench your hand about 10 times to get rid of casual, on-the-surface anxiety. I tried it while driving today and would be trying it at least 5 more times during the course of day at office....wait for the review - if it suits me, it can be useful for anyone with an anxious mind out there - still saying NO to prozac but then saying YES to Tryptomer


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