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Ice-creams with the Goodness of Fruits? Not that sure…

I have my reasons for the apprehensions. Just look around at the eating-out or packaged food scene. The house is divided between the ultra-expensive that seems like the real deal but is also priced beyond your comfort limit and then you have multiple affordable options that manipulate a lot with smartly chosen words on the packaging. I had blogged about green-washing [Read: We are Ecologically Sensitive Stupid Consumers] consumers earlier and I am sure that this observation is an extension of the same. There is this aura that has been created around fruit ice-creams. They say that real fruit has been used to replace artificial flavors and to substitute a certain part of the sweetness-providing sugar. Put together, this has been projected as the better, safer choice. Now, try to do the mathematics of calories here.

Fruity Ice-creams are Healthy...really?

A spoonful of real fruits in a big serving are not going to make your favorite ice-cream a scintilla-tingly healthier choice. There is always the demon of fruit flavoring lurking in the wardrobe. What if this is a combination of real fruit bits and high dose of flavoring. Again, this flavoring would be called natural and hence, a safer option. The fruit fiber cannot overtake the metabolic harms of high fat content creams or dairy. Presence of fruit here cannot be counted in your daily fruit intake numbers. Overall, is the deal really good? Don’t think so. Fruity or fruit-rich ice-creams might seem like the more sensible option for those who tend to eat-out a lot but if you are already, reasonably in-charge of your diet pattern and have made smart lifestyle adjustments, this can be a fad you can afford to let pass!

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