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Fel Tauri Might Help to Halt Damage that 'Revenge Pandemic Snacking' Creates

I guess it had to happen at some point - the work-from-home and life-at-home schedule has taken a toll on the physical health too. And it seems, I am not the only one. My observations have been along the lines of feeling a bit more breathless and some recurring headaches that indicate rising cholesterol levels. I have to confess, I have been snacking a lot more than my careful usual. Though I have tried to limit it, every now and then, things end up in my hands that I wouldn't have been caught snacking when things were more normal. The regular life meant a daily intake of fruits, sometimes a lot of them, and even more regularity with consuming fiber and staying away from the typically tasty but fried stuff. The last few months have seen me slip. Whereas people have been indulging in revenge travel, my mind seems to be heading towards revenge snacking. What is it? Not very sure if there is a proper definition for it in Wikipedia but I can at least try to explain it - a type of snacking that stems from the irritation or frustration that creeps up on account of being home-bound for far too long. This is a new form of psychological snacking. For people who have been through weight-loss battles, emotional snacking is not a new concept. However, the pandemic has dictated a new dimension to it. Essentially, the toll this schedule is taking on the mental faculties is giving way to moments of feeling like having redeemed the day in some way but snacking, even when I am not hungry. Back to the rising cholesterol levels - I plan to get bloodwork done tomorrow morning. This was pending for almost 2 years since one annual test is mandatory for me with my continuing thyroid issues. Even before this, I was never on the right side of cholesterol and now, it feels as if the lipids have really come returned with a vengeance. Strangely, this has not led to an addition of inches or centimeters around the waist but the signs are showing, clearing indicating that it is time to tighten up things - mentally first, so that the physical symptoms are put away for good! One more thing. I had my father-in-law search out something natural and non-drugged up that can help to keep the rising cholesterol levels in check. Turns out, there is actually something helpful in the form of a homeopathic medication called Fel Tauri 3X. The overall opinions are that this medicine is effective enough to lower the rising, bad cholesterol levels in people who have a properly diagnosed, more serious condition such as chronic high blood pressure levels due to arteries being clogged by rapidly increasing cholesterol levels. I have actually started it, and plan to update the difference it brings about in about 3-weeks time.

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