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Lesnar Push-Ups: Pectoral Exploding Exercise - things I do to look BIG !!

Borrowed Image showing Brock Lesnar Trademakr push-ups, UFC training
Apologies for Poor Image Quality - Taking out the Floor - Two Stools
You must have tried push-ups at some point in your exercise regimen. Nearly everyone in our lives, from the wisdom-rich bully to your best pal at work must have shared some reasons to do push-ups to look and feel better.  This is a standard choice for fitness enthusiasts and gymmers across the world—push-ups are globally renowned for all-around body fitness and endurance building. Now, there is a new twist to this rather traditional exercise. The other day, I was Googling for exercises that Brock Lesnar follows and came across a different way to do push-ups. Here, the big man doesn’t get down on the floor. Instead, he uses two chairs. One hand on each chair and legs on a stool or bench of similar height and Lesnar is suspended a few inches above the ground.The big benefit?

More about Lesnar-styled Push-ups

Lesnar push up during workoutWhen going down, the ground is taken out of the equation. Lesnar push-ups put more stress on your back, particularly the upper back and shoulder area. I felt the stretch in my chest too as I dipped deeper. Don’t try to dip too much when you start. It takes about a week to get the rhythm right. You don’t need any apprentice or equipment for this. Just a plain surface with two chairs and a bench. In case, you are wondering as to why exercises used by Lesnar are considered superior, just Google his name and you will find out – he is perhaps the toughest, most well-developed athlete on the planet right now. Yes, some of his popularity is also due to working with many advertising-heavy brands but he still commands a lot of respect for his exploits in the wrestling, UFC ring.

Things lined-up to try within this month:

  • Goblet squat [done with low-range weights]
  • Snatch & Squat [done with expanding the distance between wrists for max. challenge]
  • Side raises, heavy [heavy does not mean more weight only but also maximum stretch]
  • Side raises, light [more speed, less concentration of postural correctness]
  • Stair-climbing, all 8 floors at one go [sticking to 5 floors, 8-floor challenge not that regular]
  • Start trying some of the older, tight fit T-shirts of yore [...far, far away]

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