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Yes, I am slightly biased towards Homeopathy

Funny Cat Pic Choosing Prescription Drugs Over Homeopathy
Not all prescription drugs harm your body 
My friend asks, “You actually believe those small sugar pills?” I can make out the disdain on his face. It is obvious that he has no faith in Homeopathy and like many people around me, he thinks that this entire niche of alternative medicine is just an eyewash. However, I have a slightly different perspective and I have my reasons. I am not someone who believes in things preached by others. I need some reason, proof, and logic, no matter how hard to get or twisted it is. I have ventured into many streams of alternative healthcare too and despite many of these non-mainstream treatment options now becoming popular, I could never feel convinced because the attending specialist did not look specialized enough, the technicians did not look technically proficient and the therapy seemed rather threatening! I had to try more and en route found that Homeopathy had some options, more options that made sense.

This is why I believe that Homeopathy is real and makes sense in our world

I didn’t take to Homeopathy as a first choice. The usual suspects, i.e. allopathic capsules in fancy wrappers, appealed more to me. This was the parents’ first choice too. Since childhood, I had this extreme reaction to dust and smoke. The smallest exposure would get my sinuses working overtime. The number of secretions would put me down, mentally and physically exhausted. After years of suffering these bouts of sinus over-activity, my mother suggested we try Homeopathy. My father was against it but some sense prevailed when mom said that there is no side-effect to trying something that is regarded as harmless for everyone. It took more than a year of Homeopathic meds, sweetly packaged pills that had to be consumed according to a schedule, to get the desired results. I was rewarded with nearly 7 seasons of having no allergic reactions. Even when the change of season progressed, just keeping my face covered proved sufficient. Homeopathy had worked and to our surprise, we didn’t do anything apart from taking the pills as per the schedule.

This is what I can understand:

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Allopathic or general medicine uses chemicals or extracts that are developed in laboratories. These could be biochemicals too but most of them are more chemical in nature. These drugs are more potent because of their concentrated packaging. The results don’t last too long since the idea is to treat the symptoms first. This also creates room for the problem to recur. Even when the treatment addresses the root cause, the idea is to eradicate the infection without ensuring sufficient immunity that ensures bodily resistance against a repeated infection.

Ayurveda or herbal medicine uses whole parts of organic plants and roots and various extracts derived from nature. These are not as concentrated since the idea is to provide the maximum amount of natural ingredients. These medicines work at the symptomatic and immunity levels. The packaging and consumption is slightly demanding since the whole plant powders in various permutations and combinations are hard to eat around the clock.

Homeopathy uses a more, much more refined form of herbal medicine. Rather than using the entire plant or herb, it identifies and filters the bio-molecules that have the curative effect. These are not mimicked in the laboratory like allopathic medications. The biochemicals are segregated and a very potent dosage is prepared. The confusing part about Homeopathy is the various combinations that can be used. The same condition might engage a hundred different possible combinations from different Homeopathy practitioners.

Kali Phos: The One Anxiety Medication Seldom Talked About

I don’t know about your perception of Homeopathy but my personal experiences have helped me concluded one simple fact – comprehensive or holistic medicine is much better than getting yourself treated for the symptoms. If you have flu, does it make sense to stop the sneezing or also address the reason that you are continuously sneezing? My option is the latter and along with it, I would also like to gain some immunity to ensure that I don’t often fall prey to sneezing. This is the same approach I have taken to handling my crippling anxiety. The Homeopathy medicine called Kali Phosph is wonderfully effective in my case. I take 4 pills of 200X, one to two times per day, depending upon how I am feeling.

Swapping Ayurvedic Herbs with Homeopathic Formulations

This is a rather recent development where I chanced upon a mother tincture for Ashwagandha. I just chanced upon the mother tincture for it on 1 mg - the online pharmacy. The issue with Ashwagandha in its herbal form has been of the digestive type. For some reason, I have never been able to get past the flatulence and slightly disturbed digestion that the herbal tablets of Ashwagandha always bring about. I have tried it at least a dozen times in the last 7 years or so. This time, I tried the SBL mother tincture of Ashwagandha and amazingly, it did not upset my stomach. In fact, the digestive system seems a bit better overall, over the last week. I now plan to empty the first bottle at least and then, take a final call on whether replacing your regular Ayurvedic formulations with the same Homeopathic tincture is actually a good idea. I think there is a bit of science to it. While the plant-based and heavily, the plant-derived herbal form of Ashwagandha might have some fillers or binding agents that affect my intestines, perhaps the purer, homeopathic form of Ashwagandha does away with these ingredients. This is pretty much the fundamental difference I understand and the advantage could be mine.


  1. Something I would like to say to everyone who thinks that Patanjali or Himalaya products are a God-sent gift - there is nothing like non-medicating medicines. Just because something is extracted from plants, it does not mean that it is automatically terrific for your body. From cocaine to hemp and marijuana, these are plant products that have become infamous. Afghanistan's existence pretty much depends on drug trade that is fueled by plant extracts that are labeled as Narcotics

  2. You guys might not believe this but there are homoeopathic meds made from some sort of cockroach extract and others that are created from onion extracts - at one point it was told to us that we should not eat anything like an onion when using homoeopathic meds!!


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