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Why do you need AI-generated content editing?

  • AI-generated content can be mechanical and boring to read
  • People often refer to it as Wikipedia-type content
  • AI-generated is often repetitive and struggles to come up with new ideas
  • The first couple of AI copies for one topic might seem genuine but after this, even the paid versions of ChatGPT 4 can start repeating the output
  • AI-generated content is often verbose, overwhelming readers with conjunctions and pronouns
  • GPT or Quillbot-generated content cannot create the tone you want consistently
  • You might end up wasting a lot of time in trying to engineer the prompts or edit the AI copies only to realize that time-savings upfront now, seem neutralized
  • Despite SEO integration into AI platforms, the content is not optimally optimized
  • Keyword placement is often not in the right areas and some primary keywords might be avoided altogether
  • Brand owners cannot feel confident that AI-generated content represents the business and branding tone they prefer
  • Branding stories are one example where AI platforms fail to deliver a satisfactory content output
  • Many businesses have realized that when it comes to recreating ideas or gathering new angles about the same subject, AI copywriting tools like GPT and Hypotenuse struggle to create boutique content
  • AI-generated content cannot work like a ghostwriter which is often what many eBook creators and authors need
  • AI-generated content needs a couple of rounds of human, organic editing to sound genuine, read interesting, and be comprehensively optimized

Does AI content editing need any special skills?

  • It essentially needs someone who is well-versed in organic editing and has dabbled in all types of digital copy-creation processes
  • People who are good with the traditional forms of copyediting and have had more than a fair exposure to using AI tools for copywriting are likely to edit AI content better
  • It is good to have your AI content editor familiar with SEO copywriting fundamentals
  • It does not need someone who has perfect Grammar and can never go wrong in placing the comma
  • It needs someone who has an eye for catching words that typically show up in AI-created content, more so in freeware versions of AI writing tools like ChatGPT
  • A well-rounded editor who continues to write & edit and has been gathering the miles as a professional and passionate content creator is likely to be a good choice

What makes AI-generated content editing different from generic content editing?

  • More efficiency - AI-generated content should be edited a lot quicker than raw manuscripts or work done entirely by humans
  • AI familiarity - a good AI content editor should have worked across multiple AI content creation tools like GPT, Jasper,, Hypotenuse, and Quillbot
  • Multi-domain expertise - a good AI copyeditor should not be limited by an industry or vertical. This type of content editing seldom requires subject matter experts
  • Editing credentials - editors who have been through the grind, editing at least 7K words a day are more likely to fit the role over editors who claim to create perfect content, amounting to just about 2K words per day...more editing miles make a huge difference!

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