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Prep Pads - Remembering the 80s When Skincare Was Illusionary

Image of Recalling Use of Leader Prep Pads
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Found this on the web, on Reddit, and it immediately reminded me of school days when we were round the 14-15 wonder years and skincare tips came from our sisters. This particular wipe was great when I started excreting sebum from the T zone and my sister used to say I had enough face oil to deep-fry chicken! The jokes apart, we didn’t have the luxury of online wisdom back then. Pimples were more about being a feminine thing while growing-up boys could afford horrible skin, scarred by new, upcoming, and ancestral acne. These wipes is the maximum I got as help, from my sister, who would provide them at a premium. Combined with her Stephen King like tone about how acne could turn my life upside down, this sounded pretty serious.
The stuff was rather good and helped to keep the skin dry and avert breakouts that were happening with amazing regularity. I have also found that Dettol, Savlon and other antiseptic solutions can make the pimple inflammation a lot worse before they start working. Dettol, in particular, can irritate the skin, particularly if your facial skin is as dry as mine, i.e. mine is literally a parched desert!

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  1. Updated on February 14th 2018: just remembered that at one time my go-to skin-saving combo was Vicco Turmeric cream along with Siloderm, the latter is essentially a zinc oxide cream and this is the same formula that fast bowlers apply on either side of the nose - this is effective and does not irritate the skin. Used some aftershaves also to combat a suddenly huge zit but either ways you need at least one day and multiple applications to get the desired result.


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