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Pain Lies in the Mind of the Beholder: Your Pain Can Be An Emotional Manager

Image of Using Pain as Motivation
This can be a bit tricky to describe and might seem absolutely non-sensible, so please bear with me for a moment. I believe in categorizing life and things that fill-up my wife to manage life. This includes pain, anxiety and grief too. I vouch for pain often being an integral part of helping us live better. I call this subtle pain and though it might seem just a memory to some of you, it plays a very active role in moderating our decisions and behavior. For instance, the subtle pain you experience every time you start a new gymming regimen reminds you that all those times you stopped, to restart again, meant that you would have to go through the initial, conditioning soreness.

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If you had sustained the regimen, things would have been less torturous. There is also borrowed pain. This is a sense of grief or sadness that you feel for someone, someone who is actually suffering, even grieving. This discomforting feeling of suffering the same also makes you realize that thankfully, an event so horrible hasn’t happened in your life. Pain can be your watertight coach, the infallible reminder, your constant friend as you move ahead in life, making you suffer just a bit but rewarding you with sub-conscious and conscious coping-up tools and gains that can last a lifetime.There have been times when temporary, self-proclaimed pain has helped me navigate tough moments. At many job interviews, I have pinched my upper leg hard with a key just to ensure the meeting-related anxieties were addressed and suppressed.

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Something else works along the line of an unpleasant memory being an excellent self-control management system. Just think about all the times you overate and the morning after it, your guts were lying splattered around on the bathroom floor. This memory can be a part of your response to another, prospective eating-out moment. While this sounds childish, it can actually help you be a better person - not all circumspection is wrong! There are times when I have been able to associate with someone else' suffering in a very real manner because I captured the moments that I had experienced and did not try to eliminate them from my mind. Now, when I recall those moments and the coping-up mistakes that I committed and I find myself often, rather useful in such situations. Not many people realize that this is the same manner in which many trauma counselors or psychologists help their patients as they are more adept at maintaining this data of suffer, compare and list of conclusions!

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  1. Just to follow up on the conversation that I started - just began some rigorous stretching and free hand squats and the slight soreness reminded me of the high I used to get when deadlifting nearly 130 kgs with good reps and posture .... hopefully, will reach there in about 2 months from now - fingers crossed - this will also be noted in my diary, dated Feb 12th 2018


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