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Getting Started with My Bathroom Tile Deco Work Project

Using Blue Aqua Tiles Home Improvement Project Using AdhesivesI am the definition of a green-horn when it comes to anything related to being artsy or doing tile-work but this time around, I found the courage and the gumption to start something that could be potentially disastrous if not done properly. So, I am taking a few minutes to describe what is this DIY project going to be about and will keep dropping-in regular updates:

The Plot

WE are in a bit of disarray and indecision when it comes to refurbishing the bathroom. Our new home is somewhat prone to moisture seepage. There has been repeated rounds of arguments in the building as to how this issue should be tackled. The expenses would be huge and invariably, all inhabitants of the apartment building would need to contribute a lot more than what they are paying as the monthly security and maintenance amount. This is the biggest issue too when it comes to setting-up the scaffolding and starting the critical, structural re-strengthening repairs. As a result, me and Moha have had to play the waiting game. Not bogged down by the current circumstances, I started a series of small touch-up, repair and refresh jobs across the home.

Our 3 bedroom + 5 balcony accommodation gives me the comfort of plenty of space to use of the extra bathrooms as a storeroom, almost like a garage, to stock the repair job supplies and test the new materials or things I purchase, usually from Amazon or Ali Express. I have even shared stories about doing multiple repair jobs using different types of silicone here, on my personal blog. This time, I took upon the seemingly impossible job of re-tiling the smallest sections of the bathroom. The apprehensions? Major ones. I had not done anything close to potentially damaging. Playing around and finding the best way, through silicone applications was easy as the cleaning-up could be hustled but not when you are chancing the appearance of your entire, master bathroom!

Gathering the Supplies

Please understand that this is not real re-tiling. The goal is to create accent surfaces across my bathroom so that the eye-sores are better concealed. Also, I want to add more colors, something more vibrant to the drab choice of colors infused by the sadistic builder who did not bother to check the basic details. Just image this - the shower spread falls directly on the wall, often spraying through the window! I am sure, a dog trained for three months on architectural basics would have outlined these designs a whole lot better. No worries, it is no use complaining when the accommodation has been bought and handed over by my father. I must be somewhat thankful rather than stress about what went wrong - and I have been trying my best to do this. So, coming back to the supplies needed:
- small decorative tiles that could be installed with a sealant, adhesive, or anything non-porous
- decorative tiled prints that would make sense with a decor that is bland and un-eventful
- lots of clear, acrylic silicone that can be used for quick pasting and sealing of the tiled edges, squares
- patience...lots of it!!


I have started phase one that is perhaps the testing grounds for what should be months or multiple weekends' of work. The job has been slowed down by the damp, rainy conditions. I don't want moist surfaces around the project task. Keeping countertops absolutely dry in the bathroom is even more difficult. I have used many old newspapers, tissue wipes, and retired towels for repeatedly drying-up the work surfaces. Phase one has begun on a good note. The tiles, despite being so small, and layered with minimal amount of silicone adhesive seem to have a knack of inter-locking and I don't need to worry about those tiny gaps that tend to spoil the entire visual presentation. I might go ahead with another sectioned square of the countertop with decorative tiles in a different shade. Choices includes hues of purple, green, darker ink blue, and some sandy browns. Right now, I am testing the durability of these tiles, throwing water and soap at them. I want to find out if these small decorative tiles have it in them to retain their form and structural sturdiness when exposed to high water impact. I am trying not to define the color scheme too much. Right now, the something along the lines of being aqua and turquoise seems like the perfect fit and soon, I will add some shades of lemon green and pastel dull purples. Like I said, this is not about creating uniformity. I would rather sacrifice sanity of color continuity for a splash of contrasting madness...

Phase two will begin shortly, hopefully by this weekend...

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