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Why Fries? Are we ruining the entire burger experience?

This question has always been there in my mind. Am already having a bun stuffed with fried patty and the stuff is dripping juices and sauces and dressings. I am getting a mouthful of bites with plenty to chew. What is eating is not light and seldom needs a follow-up or sides to reach satiety levels. Why do I need the fries? Why would people even ask for fries, let alone pay for them rather than requesting a better-filled, more saturated burger experience? Usually, these fries feel sloppy and an unwanted add-on. I don’t mind a bit more veggies in the burger as they add more crunch to the bite. Fries don’t make sense because I don’t want to pause during the burger-eating expedition and deviate from what the taste glands are experiencing.

For that matter, Coca-Cola remains a big spoiler for me if someone really wants to discover the real flavor of the meat patty or find out how under-prepared the bread is. For the calorie trackers, do you really want this addition when you are out to enjoy a wholesome burger? For the burger(paths), do the fries really enhance or uplift the eating experience? For those who have burgers just to fill their belly, is it necessary to glutton the fries rather than perhaps follow up with a single serving of chocolate ice cream?


What started the culture of serving fries with burgers?
The origins of serving fries with burgers can be traced back to the early 20th century in the United States. French fries were already a popular side dish at the time, and it is believed that they began to be served with burgers as a way to make the meal more filling and satisfying. The practice of serving fries with burgers became more widespread in the mid-20th century, as fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King popularized the combo as a standard menu item.

Do restaurants charge a lot for the fries that accompany burgers?
The cost of fries that come with a burger can vary depending on the restaurant. In fast food restaurants, fries are often included in the price of a combo meal, which includes a burger and fries. In sit-down restaurants, fries may be offered as a side dish and priced separately from the burger. In these cases, the cost of fries can vary depending on the restaurant and location. Some restaurants may charge a premium for their fries, while others may offer them at a lower cost.

Is there a science of serving fries with burgers?
There is no specific science of serving fries with burgers, but there are several factors that can affect the overall experience of eating the combination. One factor is the timing of when the fries are served. They are typically fried twice, once at a lower temperature to cook the inside, and a second time at a higher temperature to crisp the outside. If the fries are not served immediately after the second frying, they can become soggy and lose their texture. Therefore, it's important for the fries to be served hot and crispy. Another factor is the seasoning of the fries. Different restaurants use different seasonings, such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, or even truffle oil to give the fries a unique flavor. The seasoning should complement the flavor of the burger without overpowering it. Finally, the size and shape of the fries can also affect the overall experience. Thin and long fries are generally considered to be more crispy, while thicker and shorter fries are considered to be more substantial. All in all, serving fries with burgers is a combination of culinary art, timing, and knowing the customers' preferences.

Is it the American way to serve fries along with burgers?
It is common in the United States to serve fries along with burgers, and it is considered a classic American fast food combo. The practice of serving fries with burgers became widespread in the mid-20th century, as fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King popularized the combo as a standard menu item. However, it's worth noting that this combination is not exclusive to the United States and can also be found in other countries, particularly in countries that have been influenced by American culture. Nowadays, many restaurants around the world serve fries as a side dish to burgers and other sandwiches, and it has become a global phenomenon.

Do Europeans also serve a burger with fries?
Yes, it is also common in Europe to serve fries, also known as "chips" along with burgers. The combination of a burger and fries is popular in many European countries and is considered a classic fast food combo, similar to the United States. The tradition of serving fries with burgers in Europe can be traced back to the post-World War II period when American soldiers were stationed in many European countries and brought their fast food culture with them. Many European fast-food chains and independent restaurants now serve burgers with fries as a standard menu item. In some countries such as Belgium, fries are even considered a traditional dish and can be served with a variety of toppings and sauces.

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