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Noodle Bowl: Crunchy or Soupy? Divided, We Stay Confused

prefer noodles dry and crunchy or soupy

The house is always going to be divided between noodles that are too moist to be picked with a fork and those that are perfect for giving you a mouthful of crunchier textures and that fuller feeling that comes with eating anything that is a bit crusty and layered. I have had issues with slurping noodles or slurping in any other way. The noise can be very irritating. The fact that many people continue to make, serve and eat noodles in a way that need a constant pucker-like mouth and sipping big chunks of noodles and meat never fails to make me think.

Whether it is slick SUVs, women, pure whisky on the rocks, or even the grip of a bench press bar, I have always liked things that are full bodied. Now, let us put this perspective into play. Full-bodied noodles will not have leaking sauces and neither will they be submerged in some soupy concoction. These needles will have a slightly tough exterior with warm insides. Perfect to bite upon, always giving that full-mouthed feeling, crunchy noodles are invariably more enjoyable unless you choose to eat and enjoy like a sucker. Slurpee noodles are not just about the noise.

You really don’t chew the matter here. These are over-softened strings of dough that have been boiled to their death. There is no real texture. You are now chewing anything sizeable here. Many people often such down the entire string or strings without even realizing that what is positioned on the chopsticks shouldn’t be directed straight into the food pipe.

It is vital for the food pieces to spend a few seconds of busy chewing and salivating action in the mouth – this is basic Biology that we learned in the early years of school semesters that introduced us to body science. This is the big reason why people who drink a lot, bottles or the glass, often end-up bloated with all the air they suck-in. When you have solid food bypassing the mouth, isn’t this creating more room for digestive issues?


  1. Quirky! Never thought about our very own humble noodles this way!

    1. know me! BTW the Basil Tree in Dwarka Sector 12 Mall has excellent noodles. Ample, huge servings, decent price, great quality. Try the pizzas too - dont judge by the price - the quality is really good


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