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Reviewing Don’t Breathe – Thriller that stands apart from any other, Violent Blind-Man Rendition

I have seen those stupid blind man plots where it seems that anyone who has lost the ability to see can get easy access to supernatural strength and wisdom that only a century-old samurai would otherwise possess. However, Don’t Breathe is not that type of movie. If you like your thrillers to be largely quiet without special effects but with lots of cringing-causing surprises, this is the movie for you.
Don’t Breathe borrows many things from similarly story-lined movies. It is not the first time you would be seeing a bunch of robbers plotting to steal from a blind man, only to realize that the old guy is not just blind, he is also a war veteran, has great muscles, and unbelievable strength. To make it worse for the gang, the old guy in Don’t Breathe is a systematically-driven, very carefully measured psychopath. He can stab and choke at will.

His house is like a fortress in a locality that is distant from normally populated neighborhoods. The movie has been handled superbly by the cast and the director. There is no build-up to the real meat of the story. The story takes-off within the first 10 minutes and immediately you realize that this is not the movie to take too many pissing or popcorn breaks. Don’t Breathe deserves to make it hold it in your bladder and overcome the hunger pangs and watch the next scene. The twists are not out-of-the-world. In fact, they seem very relatable but what makes the movie different from the rest is the handling. The scenarios within the house, including the gore-heavy scenes, have been etched in perfection. There is no waiting for things to unfold because they roll-out quite fast.

The Rottweiler seems as unforgiving as his master who seems to have this incredible understanding of how small things in our everyday environments can be used to cast, trap and torture people. Watch-out for the basement surprises as you won’t believe the truth behind that “person” emerges from the dark. Watch Don’t Breathe when you have some time without the phone ringing or PPT slides awaiting. The movie can be one of the best thrillers I have seen in the recent past simply because of the beautiful pace of its storytelling that comes without any gimmicks and cameos. Don’t Breathe is a must-watch in every sense even if you are not a big thriller movie fan like my wife. Even she has great things to say about it…now!

One of the 7 movies we recently saw on Amazon Prime
Overall rating: 4 stars/5 stars
Recommended to: everyone who likes thrillers
Not worth watching again – the thrill factor is best captured in the first attempt!

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