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When Life Gives You Lemons, Ask for Martini...Demand One!

balancing life - opportunities and how you used them
This is not some Instagram-worthy post with hash-tags like #lifemotivation - this is just me, sharing something that I have learned along the way when repeatedly trying to undertake a journey towards an utterly believable state of happiness. I have this firm belief that as an individual, I never exploited and fully utilized the gifts that God granted. I did not encash the opportunities that Destiny presented. For a long time, Life has been about committing many mistakes and then finding the energy to try redemption. The result is this constant battle where I have to fight off bouts of unhappiness that stem from this reconfirmation. However, I have also found a way of dealing with such days. This short blog post is about such life management...

No matter how bad things get, no matter to what level people around you stoop, even if things seem damaged beyond repair and it is very little you can find to appreciate about yourself, take a minute to find that one aspect that you think can be put as a headline for an article about your life. The reason is simple - there will always be days when you hate your own guts. I have come across them, many more will emerge and if you honestly believe that this has never happened to you, I really cannot clarify the situation.

These days mean really low self-esteem, pride seems like peanuts shells scattered on a road, self-appreciation seems lost to sympathizing with your existence and there is no one who can perk up the mood. This is when you need to have some go-to strategies. One, eat well, it will make you feel better, if not cure you. Second, think of better days, when life was so good. And lastly, compliment the way you reverse your car, carry your denim, style your hair, shop online, calculate discount coupons or always make a point to visit your ailing mother no matter how horribly hard life gets - these are real things that you actually do.

Some are critical life skills while others say a lot about you as a person, so why not feel proud about them when you need that dose of self-appreciation to get you off the ground, up and running for the next round...there is always another round so don't give-up on punching hard! 

Always Fight Back | Don't Forget Where You Came From

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