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Something about colored, bright ice-creams that create the goodness aura

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The Naturalness Index of a Food Item
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You might have come across my recent blog about how all ice-creams that vouch for being fruity and being ultra-natural tend to fail on many counts. I am still sticking to my stand. All ice-creams infused with some type of fruit mix or extract are not that high on the goodness part as they claim to be. Most of them have decent amounts of processed sugars and fats despite all the claims. But there is one thing about ice-creams that wear a color emanating from their fruity formulation. These fruits are invariably some shade of red and their extract can create different hues of maroon, pink, and reds. The visual effect is sometimes extraordinary. I was Googling images for ice-creams made with natural stuff and came across the graphic shared here. Just one look at this concoction of traditional ice-creams with fruits and you get this feeling that there is something very pure about it. This is not about feeling relieved because the fruit content would have removed some of the high-density calories but the colors that create this interplay of a textured surface.
The ice-cream looks nothing like what we are used to seeing. I agree that as I type this, some factory in China would be making food inks that can be used on ice-creams to create that natural vibe in a very artificial manner but since am not eating the stuff, I can pause and appreciate it. This also has something to do with the cherries and cherry-like fruits. These ingredients, like I mentioned earlier, have this naturally red color that cannot be replicated. The resulting shades of pink and magenta and the velvety appearance is so good, as if ice-creams just got mated with something that was spawned by Mother Nature itself!!

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