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Neck Aesthetics - not that common, doesn't happen to everyone & it is a big deal!

Funny free image from Google | Man with massive neck
This small topic came to my mind when watching neck workout videos during YouTube surfing hours. Immediately, a thought flashed - I had been making mental notes of which UFC wrestlers and Bollywood ladies had beautiful necks! Obviously, the parameters are very different for different genres. You cannot have a Lesnar neck on someone who weights 160 lbs. I believe that a person’s neck contributes a lot to the overall facial appearance. I say this for men and women and some similar anatomical characteristics apply to both genders. Firstly, a slightly thicker neck without being bulgy like the un-groomed tree trunks found on professional wrestlers helps to define the overall facial persona. It is like giving a beautiful base for your face to sit upon.

People like me, with a compromised jaw line or short chins, can seriously benefit from such a neck. Jason Statham is a great example of using this physicality. His neck isn’t over-ripped with bulging veins. On the contrary, it beautifully wraps the underside of his face, complementing his bald, shaven, muscular lookAmong women, Deepika Padukone has a very athletic neck considering she is so bony. Her frail facial structure is beautifully balanced by her subtly muscular neck. It adds to the illusion of making her seem even more taller and helps to camouflage the fact that she has the most minimal shoulder structure.

A cruel reality check: Do you have the right type of Neck?

rachel saying it does not happen to everybody it is a big deal to Ross
Saw this video of Turkish wrestlers preparing for some globally acclaimed event and their necks seem to be bulging out like huge trunks. These necks were so meaty, so massive, that they made the head and all the facial features look puny in comparison - that is not what you want! The neck area should look good whether you wear a high collar apparel or choose to button down for the day, whether you wear a choker or choose to wear a plunging neck top - this is called being gifted with the perfect neck. If you don't have, try to work-out towards getting one or just dump this conversation!

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