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Don't Preach about Micro-scoping Everything We Eat

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There is hell lot of online wisdom out there about how to choose, about how to be very careful about what we eat - however, some of these seem too preachy and at times, irritating! There is something very simple and unsaid about food that is good - you have to close your eyes to the obvious things that will not agree with a nutritionist's advice. Soulful food is invariably high on calories. Perhaps, this is why it is so happy and big and yes, it contains a lot of fat too which you cannot enjoy if your conscience keeps asking you questions about the calorie count.

However, what makes me irritated is that the people who have infused this habit of counting and measuring everything we are about to eat seem to have comfortably forgotten that we don't have that many choices. So many kitchen and grocery essentials are no longer in the safety zone. The simplest of herbs and spices too are now adulterated. We are trying to make the most educated decisions, buying what has been packaged better and procured more sensibly, at a premium rate.

Now whatever little is left is, whatever scanty food options have managed to survive the commercialization holocaust, don’t need to be put under the lens in such a magnified way

There is a limit to how much we need to read into each food label. Why is this not the state government’s responsibility to handle? There are blogs about how some of the most regular candy sweeteners are now cancerous or irritate the gastrointestinal lining. We shouldn’t need to check out the details across so many ingredients many of which are highly industrial in nature and are not even in public ambit. As a consumer, you want to be aware and make educated choices but when you are biting into a juicy-look steak you shouldn’t be thinking about whether the marbling pattern indicates plasticized meats – yes, this is actually happening, now at a neighborhood food chain, near you!

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