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Approach to Restarting Life Inspired by Falling Leaves

Nature has this weird knack of teaching us a lesson all the time. It is just that we never take the time to stop, observe and learn it. However, with time, when Life has jerked you around a bit too much, with too much regularity, you tend to take notice. I took notice nearly five years back and since then, the entire perspective has changed. One such visual that I remember from my transition days is that of falling leaves. For a moment, believe that the leaves are days, hours or moments during which we realize that we need to overhaul our lifestyle choices to enable better outcomes, for a life more aligned along the lines of achieving fulfillment.

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While we tend to write a movie script about it, update the entire world about our challenges and demand universal sympathy, these leaves are like small soldiers who realize that their sacrifice is vital to bring about new growth, better moments - happier things will only arise from this type martyrdom of sorts but they do it without all the human melodrama. In fact, even as they cascade and float in the wind and finally settle down on the ground below, they don’t become gloomy or vengeful like us. Instead, they add more color and that nature-filled beauty to our surroundings. These actions are almost like accepting pain, the grind and the suffering with a big smile on the face, without the drama.

How many of us have done anything even vaguely similar? Me? Not really! I have taken my time to redeem myself for the smallest things. My account of bitter days during every transformation is big. My log of being angry at the world is rather heavy. While fallen leaves manage to turn into compost or manure-like nutrition for the under-growth, there is nothing that my resentful days achieved. These were just wasted days. Time that was poorly spent on things that don't mean a zit. Perhaps, we need something as innocuous as dying leaves along the street to teach us how to reboot life without being resentful – you have to fall down to really, really get UP!

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