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Condition that makes dotted patterns visually overwhelming is called___??

why human mind is overwhelmed with images of many holes, dots

There is something wrong with my perception of fashion and prints in particular. Just the other day, I shared a fact that white trousers or lowers or any kind look lost on most men. My friends were aghast. I believe some of them must definitely have at least a couple of white track-pants or casual lowers in white. I then decided not to share another thing that stays a constant in my mind - the failure of polka dots or dotted patterns of any sorts to make an impression on me. In essence, I am slightly overwhelmed with them.

There is too much going on there - the visuals tend to fight for attention and I cannot figure out the actual silhouette. The shape or pattern of things seems lost. I first felt this when watching a zebra close-up on one of those wildlife Sunday marathon shows. The zig-zag pattern was still easy to digest but when they compared more patterns, using the close-up of a leopard cup, it had the same effect. It was as if I was trying to find symmetry which did not exist. Is there some medical condition or cerebral limitation that causes this? I find this issue with too many dots on steering wheel covers, jackets, handkerchiefs, umbrella prints, Tees, stationary, etc. 

That one thing that I have found which can be done using dots, in a rather productive manner, is reformatting your Gmail address with dots. This is actually a trick where by inserting dots, you can create multiple versions of your original or preferred Gmail username and still, the emails will be delivered to your mailbox. This is because Gmail does not take cue for dots or other types of special characters inside the username. So, your actual destination or your primary Inbox remains the same!

There is one condition that slightly and closely resembles what I am trying to say - here, people always feel scared when they look at a cluster of holes or closely-packed cavities. This condition is called Trypophobia but on further reading I found that the visuals that cause this odd behavior is somewhat different!

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