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Still stuck on green tea? These guys are doing Tea Spirits! #teatrends

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I have been dedicatedly exploring green tea and herbal tea combinations that can be very handy in hydrating and boosting immunity. However, this genre seems to be rather big. While I have been rambunctious about my first impressions and emerging trends in this domain, every now & then I find something that seems beyond my horizon of green tea literacy. Now, I was just browsing through when I chanced upon this link on that talks about a young distillery that is trying to do spirits in a different way. The approach seems intent on moving away from the hangover of hangover perception associated with consuming liquor. Rather than sticking to the traditional base ingredients, these guys are using fermented tea.

The result of some wine-making and liquor-maturing experience blended with the finest collection of teas from Asia has gone into creating this unique blend. My first impression says that the idea is unique, rather adorable. For starters, this is not a heavy liquor choice. This is more consumable as an everyday beverage, of course in moderation. For green tea aficionados who are equally upbeat about hitting the bar, this could be a welcome change. They would be getting the herbal concoction that many tea blends are trying to be these days, along with all the goodness of spirits.

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The alcohol percentage, if controlled acutely, could be the key here – the difference in making this a mainstream option or just another tea fad. If you read the column, it talks about borrowing the manufacturing wisdom from non-alcoholic wines. This innovative puts emphasis on safe removal of ethanol to ensure a greater degree of de-alcoholization—this I believe will be the big difference!! about some of my other Tea Discussions
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