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Nothing Oceanic Perhaps but this Shade is Calming for Sure…

This shade of blue is trending a bit these days – around me and in my life. I just bought a dumpster-cum-storage sort of home accessory in this color. Why?

marine turquoise shade of blue
There is something very appeasing about it. I specifically found an image where this hue of blue is used in a typically sad background. However, this shade manages to retain its cooling charm but I don’t want to use words like ocean or river-like in my description. Actually this is not about describing the color but just that it seems to be found in the smallest accessories, in the most unnoticeable forms and still it manages to make an impact. This is not about blinging the ambiance. There is nothing oceanic about the color but just that it has an adrenaline-boosting aura to it. You don’t need to choose complimenting or contrasting colors with much care. Nearly every shade, from dark grays to pale pastels make sense with this shade of blue. I recently bought a couple of lanterns for the living room, that can accommodate a tea-light or LED, in the same shade. This color has another thing that stands apart - despite what hue you are looking at, there is a certain amount of texture involved. Don't know the scientific reason for it but must be about how this color reflects light.

Some more things that I have noticed about this type of blue:

color therapy that engages my mind - sharing thoughts
  • One the walls, the color infused life into ageing surfaces
  • When placed around the house, it makes a beautiful accent color
  • In textured form, the color has a very humane aura, as if almost alive
  • From a distance, it gets noticed easily, in sun-lit and dim-light conditions
  • When worn as a Tee, the color matches and stands complimented by any shade
  • The overall appeal can be described as a blend of outdoorsy, unadulterated and exuberant
  • With focused lighting, this shade of blue mimics the sun and a bluish sky in the background
  • In serving-ware and dishware, this hue of blue makes the food seem fresher than it actually is
  • You might want a rug in this color as it really helps to make the living space look larger without following the often discussed wisdom of using lighter colored accessories to add spaciousness
  • In the form of throw pillows and cushions, this shade of blue serves as a color block option, it stands out, gets noticed, and does not really blend into the current layout
  • Yes, there is something very marine about this type of blue but at the same time, it is not typically aqua or a blue inspired by the oceans and seas
  • Unlike other hues of blue that mimic the icy, glacier-life feel, this color is not about melting stream. In fact, I associate more with a swimming pool type of blue

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