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Better way to Green Tea @office – making it easier #zeropreparationgreentea

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I have been regular with green tea and its various, herbal options since Jaundice struck me down for good. From chamomile to lemon and honey, from ginger-heavy to very bland flavors, I have been testing the entire field, assuming that some form of natural goodness needs to be sipped every day. Most recently, my wife chanced upon the theory that at work, I don’t get the option of really stewing the cup of immunity boosting herbs. This is because the overhead fan is in full gear and there is no cup-covering sort of accessory with me. Therefore, she recommended preparing a ginger and honey concoction with two lemon and herbal extract dippers positioned within the flask itself. The upper, threaded end of the dippers were secured with the cover. It takes me almost 2 hours from the point of leaving the house to reach my office.

During summers, I need something to sip during the transit itself. When winters set, it is after reaching my workplace that I need regular doses of some tea-like beverages to keep more energized, more alert. By the time am settled at my desk, the natural-only preparation has been brewed naturally. This seems better than the dip and wait approach since the steam is filled to the maximum, ensuring every bit of the herbal juices is extracted. The result is a sweeter, more appeasing version of my cup of herbal tea, ready to be sipped without the preparation bit. You might want to read the labeled information on your tea pack very carefully - there is a lot of noise about herbal teas not being genuine.

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