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Currency shouldn't look like the byproduct of a school activity gone horrendously wrong!

notebandi colored note circulation horrible note prints
There is a huge difference, that some people call a fine line, between using colors in a happy, vibrant way and overdoing it to the extent of killing the goose. When the Modi administration decided to print the currency in colors that would make the Tomatina look pale, they crossed the line, in fact dug a hole within the line and jumped to the lowest depths. For some reason, I find very little room for creativity in the currency we use. It is a lifeline, a financial instrument that cannot be fooled around with, best portrayed in colors that are sober and serious. Every note does not need to wear colors right from the handbook of the fashion police and when you have bright, fluorescent-type colors that look outright kiddish, too desperate to grab your attention, you know that just like many other things they tried, the Modi administration yet again, spoke a lot, promised too much, did too little, and still, glorified actions that are downright stupid...

Overtly colored currency has some serious visual flaws like:

- looking too desperate to impress. Would genuine currency be so anxious?
- being too animated. Money matters are always serious!
- looking too artsy. Is this real currency or not - fake alarm!
- being too similar. Too many colors make the most differently printed notes seem similar
- looking over-dramatic. Currency does not need a personality. It best plays dead, cold, uncaring
- more likely to have little recall. In a maze of colors, none of the shades stand apart
- little room for revisions. Newer currency notes with refreshing prints will not make an impression
- most importantly, keeps reminding you about the promise that the Modi administration never was. Can push you towards despondence and anxiety!

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