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When Pro-Wrestling’s Surreal Undertaker Helps Grieve, Heal & Cope-up Better

I recommend this beautiful discussion that helps you understand how people learn to self-adapt & learn when life strikes them down with damaging consequences. While most children would have developed strange social habits or a self-destructive escape mechanism, the child here watches and bonds with pro-wresting broadcasts. A beautiful, short, narration of finding some way of dealing with the situation even though the solution comes as comical as it can be with eerie zombie music, smoke-filled entryway, an absolutely empty ring and the Deadman himself – the Undertaker! During my early years, I was fortunate enough not to have witnessed or gone through any tragedy of similar proportions. While the protagonist here loses his father, the less regular people, wrestlers in gimmicky tights provide the relief. This is about a grieving mechanism that manages to carry-on, now employed every week to cut away from the issues that make-up regular lives…an escape mechanism that doesn’t really hurt anyone!

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