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Even Regular, Marathon Foods Get Boring. How to break the predictability?

art of making simple foods seem novelty
Basic, Everyday Food Choices Should Not Get Boring
I say this is easy. There will always be eggs and potatoes in my diet. These are bare essentials of my meals throughout the year. However, things can get a bit too predictable for your taste buds to feel excited. Think of them buds like girlfriends who want the next date to be at a different place. With regular food ingredients, this is not about changing venues. It is about juggling them better. Not asking you to attend a circus workshop but just playing around with how and how often you re-use, repeat and reconsider food essentials. This has another indirect advantage that some people don't realize. By using some replacements, natural and real ones, and some swapping, you are also most likely to cover a larger food item demographic which means consuming more and different type of nutrients. For instance, I switch from white bread to milk bread, whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread and then homemade breads to ensure that my bread-ness for the month has well-stocked nutrients in this particular category!

My DIY Approach to Keeping Everyday Edibles Not-that-Boring

Take the example of eggs and this is how I can sustain a novelty value on them [largely because of my wife also]:

Saying NO can Help
Reserve a no-egg day. Expel it from your day. Create a aspirational value in some way. You can reserve certain days in a week for this. Due to purely religious reasons, I cannot have eggs on Tuesdays. You can keep a bread-free weekend or have no cereals on the first two days of the week.

Manipulated the System, Create a Shortage
Don't rush to the market every time eggs are exhausted. You can wait a day. Allow yourself to be slightly famished. These are simple ways to create days of not having the means to foods that have become more like everyday supplies. Don't shop for them so regularly. If you feel irritated when you run out of your favorite sandwich bread, just think of it as a time for a short break...not the type that Ross took and wrecked havoc. A more sane approach please!

Get Creative, Have It Every Day, in a New Way 
Never have the same type of eggs every day. Mix the grand preparations with the most fundamental options. Juggle scrambled, veggied-up, highly-peppered, hard-boiled, cheesy eggs and sauteed boiled eggs. You can also change the time of having your daily eggs. Swap between morning and evening unless night-time eggy things make you gaseous
- have eggs with different types of breads [swinging with different partners]
- have eggs with different type of pickles [egg swinging is legal]
- expose eggs to overwhelming ingredients like ginger or garlic on different days [kill the primary taste]

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