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When Couple Therapy means getting along with a Man & Wife you cannot connect with!

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It is a fair assessment that I have led a socially handicapped life. Two things contributed to this. Firstly, there was no social media during my growing years. Secondly, I was weirdly wired-out when it came to inter-personal communication. While these demerits have been identified and dealt with to a large extent, some demons can never be hidden forever. There are days when I am still fazed by the prospect of meeting people, especially those whom I don’t know at all. As a part of our couple socializing endeavors, we have had some success in getting acquainted with couples or half-couples who otherwise would have remained total strangers to us. However, when that old infection of social setbacks resurfaces, I find it hard, almost impossible to make small talk.

Also, I find that the couple-to-couple interaction segment has been largely underplayed and under-reported. This is a really hard nut to crack. Just imagine you find something in common with the man but the wives seem to hate each other. You might like the lady but the husband might be so irritating that you question the rationale of their marriage. At that time, you might be thinking that this one person seems rather good to network with but now it carries an unwanted accessory, a baggage that you don’t want to take to the dining table.

More Types of ‘Couple Time’ that Nobody Really Expects

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Even more excruciating circumstances arise when the couple you meet seem stitched together, their bodies [and minds] seamlessly conjoined in a manner that defeats contemporary science. Some couple have their own jokes and though this is good, you don’t want them repeating their own one-liners all the time. We are not familiar with you, remember? Couples into whom you have bumped a couple of times might want a seriously polite gesture of acknowledgment and if your initiatives here don’t meet the benchmarks, you will be outcast in a moment. I have seen some couples who are so disconnected that you wonder if they are just posers. The equation is that bad that even as strangers, we start looking like the mediators in their marriage and this is in the first interaction itself...

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