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Night-outs Should Be Exploring Without Scheduling | Planners, Stay Away!

Plan Minimally to Enjoy the Most Night Out Fun
I realized this when one of my colleagues was discussing about a night-out with her gang of girls. Apparently it was someone’s birthday in the group and the night-out was supposed to be about visiting a bakery, getting handmade chocolates and then arriving at a dining destination that was safely wrapped with pre-booked seats and a great deal on snacks and drinks. Even the cab routes were confirmed so that everybody could meet-up in time for the day’s itinerary.

Monica Used to Say Rules are Good, Rules Help Control the Fun!

Dont be Control Freak Like Monica Friends Sitcom
This is what set my head rolling – do you need a night-out to be so well planned? I mean the idea is to have some fun when it is night, the inhibitions are less controlled, booze is easily available and you are more likely to be surrounded by like-minded, more relaxed people. Why would you want to use a scheduler, your smartwatch, or a handful of apps to ensure that every bit of the night-out is measured, packaged and delivered like door-to-door shipping? I have always found the idea of doing the entire circuit more interesting. What is a circuit? Nothing but being more on your foot, stopping by every small and big establishment that comes your way, getting some quick bites, small sips and then get back to exploring the next venture. The idea is always not to plan too much as it can kill the spontaneous factor which in turn snubs-out the outdoorsy, liberated feeling and I think these two are critical for having “fun”…

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