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Always count your reps, measure your breath, worry about the hurting? Lift More!

leave comfort out of gym train hard push yourself
This must be the simplest, somewhat savage, gym advice you have recently come across online – you need to push yourself harder at the gym for making sizable gains even if it seems that you are moving away from the rationale of making your body grow or making it stronger in a more scientific way. Does that mean you abandon safety? NO. This does mean you walk within the realms of reason-ability but push yourself every now and then to spurt the gains? YES!

Gym Training is Always about Part Torture, Part Selfishness

There is a lot of talk about how to measure and control each rep or taking a break when the struggling muscle fibers start to hurt. I believe that is when you should lift even harder, more weight off the floor, push more above the head, bend lower and extend your limbs to greater distances. Making gains in the gym, for power or more mass, is about taking yourself over the edge. Those slow-ass movements in the backdrop of your friend holding the cam-phone and a protein shake placed on it pedestal can take you only so far. The road ahead is about hurting, being sore, recovering and then, restarting. There is nothing wrong in taking the time to take Instagram snaps but if you are worried more about matching sneakers that complement your gym shorts, there is something seriously missing - your mind is not really wired to make real gym gains.

Don't Abandon All Gym Wisdom, Just Don't Read Too Much into Measuring Each Footstep

Gym advice these days is a lot about rest and taking breaks. Yes, you need them to grow, to allow sufficient time for your muscles to recover and thus, grow. But what if your muscles are never challenged? How can they stimulate a repair, recover and grow process if they are not shaken out of their comfort zone?  Maximizing your reps on low weights might seem like a good idea to quickly pump up but this don’t mean stimulating more musculature. You might want to take intermittent leaves from the gym when the soreness is a bit too much to handle but this is good. You are pushing your body, the entire metabolism, including the hormonal setup into driving your body towards real gains! Log into old school gym culture and you will find personal tales of how some people would do a couple of hardest reps to end their stint in the gym for the day. The reason? They wanted the body to take a break with a severe load of restructuring and regrowing muscle fibers - pain might be the biggest catalyst here and now those unlimited containers of protein supplements!

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