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Spottified Science: Finding Artistic Impressions in the Most Unusual Places

art lies in eye of the beholder | shapes, designs
There is art in observing artsy shapes, textures, thoughts
Crowded, stinky, sweaty like an Asian sweatshop - these expressions come immediately to mind when commuting in heavily trafficked public transit systems like the Delhi Metro. However, there are some instances where you spot the most unusual types of artistic impressions. This is not real art. This is not typical art. There is no intentional expression here. This is about noticing something that might seem a blend of genuine shapes, textures and colors without a mind - something that is hanging out there, waiting for itself to get spotted. This is without the expectation of being rewarded - this art is purely visual, highly uncontaminated. This image is perhaps the perfect example of how I tend to look at such things. One look at the pictorial and the things that immediately come to my mind:

  • Yellow can be a great contrasting shade - not my favorite, it does stand out beautifully...sometimes
  • Ring on the finger that is hanging on - is this like someone trying to hold on to a relationship?
    Just a finger-level support - can save the day if you really try to hold on, really want to survive
  • Focus on one thing - the camera shot blurs out the surroundings, like we blur away important things when our minds our fixated on something!
  • Concentric type shapes - the smooth curve triangles seem to create perfect symmetry 

textures in planters of my pot in balcony garden - diy blogging
Updated on October 17, 2018 - talking about textures, earlier today I was watering our balcony of live plants and it seemed that some of the planters had aged and most have not aged that well. Upon closer inspection it became clear that the paint had managed to stick on to the ceramic and concrete surfaces but the daily exposure to sunlight and hard water had taken a toll. The resulting texture was crumbly and very dry. From a distance, it gave a weathered look to the planter but upon closer inspection, the texture gave way to an unusual type of syncing, some ageing plants were matched with ageing planters while the younger pots, the younger generation, was bright and sparkling. For a moment, this reminded me of how youthfulness is about brimming and shining with this energy of enthusiasm and it seemed that this fact is true across every level, across all types of surfaces, alive or dead!

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    1. I have started intertwining some artificial flowers, the smallest types, among potters that house the extra-leafy but no flowery type of plants. The splash of color is so damn good!


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